5 Questions from the 'Gossip Girl' 100th Episode Royal Wedding Disaster
5 Questions from the 'Gossip Girl' 100th Episode Royal Wedding Disaster
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The big 100th episode of Gossip Girl turned the happiest day of Blair's life into the saddest one. The princess bride refused to run away after countless opportunities, only to have her own words ruin her wedding. But Blair still got married, only to learn that it's a sham and Prince Louis does not love her at all following Blair's public confession of love for Chuck.

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If all that drama wasn't enough, we also got Blair running away from her own reception with Dan (after Serena confessed her own feelings to him) and the return of Georgina Sparks, who ruined the wedding and assumed the role of Gossip Girl.

A lot was answered in Gossip Girl's 100th episode, but I have some big questions about what went down.

Where Was the Royal Wedding Security?

I imagine that a big royal wedding would have lots of security, yet Georgina Sparks was able to sneak in quite easily, and once inside, she was even able to get a message to Prince Louis to come see her. At least Rufus and Lily tried to stop her, but even so, Georgina ended up sitting in a pew watching the actual ceremony. It makes me think that, if I wanted to, I could annex Monaco by myself given the country's lax security.

Why Did Everyone Have Their Phones On?

I would think that a royal wedding would have the same rules as a movie: Turn your cell phones off. But when Georgina "New Gossip Girl" Sparks sent out her perfectly timed blast, everyone's phones went off and they saw Blair's confession. Wouldn't all of their phones be turned off so as not to interrupt the wedding of the century?

Has Georgina Always Been Gossip Girl?

This is the biggest question of the episode. The final scene revealed Georgina as the titular Gossip Girl, but has this always been the case? It's easy to imagine that she's just taking over for a bit, like a substitute teacher, but time will tell. The exciting part is that, with her in control, we're actually going to see the inner workings of the popular website, so we might get answers about how Gossip Girl seems to know everything.

Why Is Blair So Stupid About Chuck?

I don't want to disparage anyone's religion, but this whole "pact with God" reason for Blair staying away from Chuck has to be the silliest excuse to keep two characters apart who should be together. Everyone else seems to agree that Blair is a fool for believing that, if she gets back with Chuck, he'll die.

Why Would Blair Agree to Prince Louis' Blackmail?

This is my biggest problem with the 100th episode. After getting married, Prince Louis became a full-fledged villain and revealed that the marriage is just for show, he doesn't love Blair at all, and she will play the role of princess as long as he wants her to. But why? He has no real leverage over Blair and there's absolutely no incentive for her to play along with his game. It's essentially the worst plan in the history of the world and Prince Louis has to be the world's dumbest person if he thinks Blair will go along with it.

What was your biggest question from the Gossip Girl 100th episode?

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