'Go On' Preview Video: Matthew Perry Plays Hockey
'Go On' Preview Video: Matthew Perry Plays Hockey
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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So far, Go On is doing pretty well in the ratings, which makes me happy since I fell in love with this series the moment I saw the pilot. In a clip from next week's episode, we get to see Matthew Perry doing something that he loves - play hockey. 

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In the video, Steven (John Cho) has decided to do something special to life Ryan's (Perry) spirits. Still in mourning over the death of his wife, Ryan has been ordered to therapy but it looks like a good game of hockey might be a better prescription. He seems happier when he's out doing something, rather than sitting around and talking about his problems. Who can forget the joy we saw from him when he ran the "March Sadness" game in the pilot or got everyone in the group to go running after the Google Maps van in stolen Renaissance costumes. So putting him in a pair of ice skates is probably not a bad idea.

The clip also features NHL star Jeremy Roenick as himself, who begins to wonder if maybe Ryan isn't going to fall for their obvious scheming. Surely Ryan must notice that they are letting him win every goal but as Steven point out, "It's part of the wonder that is Ryan. He's not looking for clues that he's not awesome."

The statement is true, hilarious and maybe just a little bit sad. Go On does a great job at putting a very serious premise into the heart of a comedy and there are often moments where you either want to smile through your tears or cry through your laughter on the show. While this clip isn't heavy on the maudlin stuff, in fact it's mostly just hilarious, knowing why Steven is doing this thing for Ryan makes it that much sweeter. 

Also, how freaking awesome is it to watch Mattew Perry on the ice? I remember back during his Friends days, hearing about how much he loved hockey and it's pretty cool to watch him lace up some skates and get out there with some of the NHL's finest. Perry might be known as just a funny guy on TV, but he's apparently quite the athlete and also reportedly plays a mean game of tennis. 

How are you enjoying Go On so far this season? 

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