Will Leona Lewis Appear on 'Glee' Next Season?
Will Leona Lewis Appear on 'Glee' Next Season?
Yes, it looks like we'll have another big name appearing on Glee's second season. But honestly, we're not quite sure.

The Daily Mirror reports that Brit singer Leona Lewis has scored a cameo role on the hit series' upcoming season. But they mentioned that little fact in passing on their article -- at the very end of a write-up about the goings-on when the Glee cast visited London to promote the show.

Then again, Leona's cameo, if proven true, fits quite nicely. Of course, we all know her for "Bleeding Love" -- I imagine she'll be singing this with someone, maybe Rachel? -- and she's performed on both American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

Or maybe all the newspaper meant is that one of the X Factor winner's songs made it to the show. We'll never know just yet...

Question, gleeks: Would you want to see Leona Lewis on the show?

(Image courtesy of WENN)