Who's Singing Which Madonna Song on 'Glee' Next Week?
Who's Singing Which Madonna Song on 'Glee' Next Week?
Glee previewed their (almost) shot-by-shot remake of the video for Madonna's "Vogue" last week, with Jane Lynch on vocals. Surely that got you giddier for next week's episode that's full of Madonna loving, right?

You haven't seen it? How could you? Watch it below:

That's just one of seven--yep, seven--performances to watch out for on next week's episode, "The Power of Madonna". Series creator Ryan Murphy earlier said that they're using ten of Madonna's songs on the episode. Two of those were used as backing tracks. The cast performed eight of them, with two getting the mash-up treatment.

I know I said this already, but I can't say this enough: I've seen the episode last week, and it's really good--so for you gleeks who were a bit disappointed with this week's episode, don't you worry. This episode this ridiculous mix of camp and class, as you'd expect from Madonna's storied career, and it single-handedly ticked off a couple of items on my wish list.

All the songs from next week's episode will be released in The Power of Madonna EP, which will hit stores on April 20, the same day the episode airs. So you've probably seen the tracklisting a few weeks back. But who sings who? I've got the answers right here.

SPOILER ALERT: Of course, this means spoilers, so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read past this paragraph!

"Express Yourself" by the ladies of New Directions
In this episode, Will has everyone sing Madonna songs after concerns that the guys are not treating the girls nicely. Here's the female glee clubbers' declaration of independence of sorts.

"Borderline"/"Open Your Heart" by Rachel and Finn
For those of you who are afraid that Jesse will tear the Rachel/Finn pair-up apart, fear no further.

"Vogue" by Sue
Yes, this is amazing, even when watched again and again. But I think this works better when watched on the episode, as it is followed by...

"Like A Virgin" by Emma, Finn, Jesse, Rachel, Santana and Will

Three things: One, yes, Santana gets to sing. Two, one of the clips from the first new Glee promo came from this episode. Three, this sequence made me go "did they really just do this?"

"4 Minutes" by Mercedes and Kurt
If you've watched the Glee special on Oprah very closely, you'll know what I'm taking about.

"What It Feels Like For A Girl" by the men of New Directions
It's your obligatory I-have-learned-my-lesson performance. Except for Puck.

"Like A Prayer" by New Directions
This is the sing-along moment of the episode, and it nicely features solos from pretty much everyone... and then some. Let's leave it at that. "The Power of Madonna" ends with a development you'll probably find a bit confusing, but absolutely interesting. Oh, and you can listen to this too as well:

Stoked? Me too--and I've seen it a couple of times already! "The Power of Madonna" airs this Tuesday from 9pm on Fox. It really is, in Kurt's words, "Madge-ical".

(Image courtesy of Fox)