Who is Glee's Most Neglected Character? (And Who Deserves More Screen Time?)
Who is Glee's Most Neglected Character? (And Who Deserves More Screen Time?)
Glee (finally!) returns next week with a new episode episode aptly titled "Night of Neglect." The idea of the episode is since all that New Directions does is sing songs from the likes of Justin Bieber and Ke$ha, they might as well sing songs from under-appreciated artists like Lykke Li and Adele. Which is a good thing, because I happen to like both those artists.

But, of course, next week's episode makes me think of other things: the Glee characters that have been neglected, either because there are bigger storylines to fry, or the writers just don't know what to do with these characters. If you can devote a night to neglected artists, why not to your neglected characters?

Glee covering Rebecca Black's "Friday": worst idea ever?

Maybe hoping that Glee would somehow give some time to those characters wouldn't do much -- the season's six remaining episodes are pretty much set in stone -- but we still have a third season to work with, and I hope the writers would stop focusing on who owns Sam's trouty mouth and pay attention to the other characters. I must note, they had good storylines before. You know, like these people:


Tina Cohen-Chang. A very obvious pick -- so obvious, she made our list of TV's most purposeless characters. It seems all she does is cry in the most unusual of moments and make me feel guilty. But what makes it worse is that she had a storyline early in the show. Remember the fake stutter in season 1? Remember how bad she wanted to make then-boyfriend Artie happy? Now she's just a guilt-free way to throw punchlines about Asian stereotypes. And then there's the fact that Jenna Ushkowitz is one of the Glee cast's theater vets. She can't be stuck doing the occasional "True Colors".

Mercedes Jones. She gets a little more screen time than Tina, thanks to her BFFs Rachel and Kurt. And you can definitely expect her to belt out a tune, like "Hell To The No" in the last new episode. But the past episodes have left her high and dry: she's just the best friend figure with the occasional diva tendencies and nothing more. She only enables some of the storylines (read: Kurt's moments in "Grilled Cheesus") but doesn't get any for herself. And the few ones that she gets (read: her tots crusade in "The Substitute") are ridiculous.

Emma Pillsbury-Howell. Fine, she has her fair share of screen time too, mostly breaking the hearts of either Will or Dr. Carl. Recently she was even head of the Celibacy Club. But I miss it when she really helped the troubled kids of McKinley High get over their issues. I guess she disappeared from our radars because she's had issues of her own. (Four months without sex? Really?) However, it looks like her issues will be addressed on the super-sized April 26 episode...

What about you? With Glee wrapping up the season in the next few weeks, who do you want to see more of? And who (or what) do you want to see less of? Please, enough jokes about Sam's mouth...

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