[Videos] 'Glee' 100 Episode Look Back: Finn's Top 6 Moments
[Videos] 'Glee' 100 Episode Look Back: Finn's Top 6 Moments
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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In celebration of Glee's 100th episode this week, we've been looking at the top six moments of the original six Glee members: Mercedes, Tina, Artie, Finn, Kurt and Rachel. Here now are six carefully chosen standout moments for Finn Hudson. 

Where do you even start when it comes to Finn? While not one of the students at McKinley High who came up with and pursued the idea of having a glee club, he was convinced to join in the pilot episode, and joined in with the other original Gleeks in their very first rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'."

Cory Monteith absolutely embraced the role of Finn Hudson, and while his untimely death may have also stopped the character's journey short as well, there are still plenty of moments over the series' run to choose from when it comes to deciding on his best moments.

This list is by no means all of Finn's greatest moments, and they're not in a particular order. These are just a few of the moments the glee club lead male got to shine during this time on Glee, out of many remarkable scenes.

"Can't Fight This Feeling"

Speaking of the pilot, Finn's first moment to shine on Glee was this memorable musical number. When Mr. Schuester heard the student unabashedly belting out this REO Speedwagon song, he knew he had found the popular male lead that the club needed.

And it's just so dang fun to watch! Finn exudes "pure talent," as Will puts it, in this scene, and it marked the beginning of Finn's journey on the show. 

Lady Gaga Finn

In this first season episode, featuring the music of pop star Lady Gaga, Finn arguably has one of his worst character moments. After becoming frustrated by Kurt's decorative changes after the other boy moves into his room, and awkward because of his advances, he explodes and uses the derogatory term "faggy" to describe many of the items in the room. Burt Hummel freaks out, with good reason, and Finn immediately recognizes his mistake. 

So why would something from this episode be on the list? Because Finn tried to make amends for his outburst by the end of the hour. 

In a show of solidarity towards Kurt, Finn confronts Karofsky and Azimio, who are bullying the other students, and does so while wearing his own Lady Gaga-inspired outfit. It's a thoughtful public gesture of good will towards Kurt, and while the other glee club members quickly join in in his defense as well, Finn standing up to the bullies first, following his and Kurt's earlier, tense scene, is very meaningful. 

Nationals Kiss

Yes, this spontaneous moment might have been part of the reason the McKinley High glee club lost Nationals. Caught up in the moment, and having been pining for Rachel earlier in the episode, Finn kisses the girl after they perform the song "Pretending" together.

But I think this moment really cemented for a lot of people that no matter what, Finn and Rachel would always come back to each other. Despite later ups-and-downs, it's an important moment in their relationship. 

And it's just so epic! Finn even calls it "the kiss of the century," and he had no regrets afterwards for his impulsive display of affection. It was brave, and it was more than memorable. 

"Just the Way You Are"

Another moment involving Kurt, Finn sang this Bruno Mars' hit song at his parents wedding to his new stepbrother in another show of support for the other Gleek.

The performance is meant to be his way of apologizing to Kurt for not being a better friend during his continued struggles with his bully Karofsky, and Finn presents the number during his Best Man Speech at the wedding. The boy was nothing if not a master of the spur-of-the-moment gestures.

It's a really well-done, fun number by itself. But the added layer of further securing the Finn and Kurt bond really makes it noteworthy for me. 

If You Love Something, Let it Go

We're back again to the Finchel relationship, but with good reason. In the final episode of season three, "Goodbye," Finn and Rachel are supposed to get married, but that situation ends much differently than Rachel, or even many viewers, anticipated.

Instead of marrying his young love, Finn instead urges Rachel to follow her dreams and go to New York City without him. He does more than that, in fact, and drives her to the train station himself to make the trip.

Finn knew that if they were meant to be together, they would end up together. But he also really believed in Rachel's star power, and knew that her going to NYADA was what she needed to do at that moment in her life, even if it meant that she'd be going without him. 

Yes, maybe he should've let Rachel make the decision herself. But it got the girl to NYC, where we all knew she was meant to be. It was possibly one of the saddest moment's in Finn's life, but vital one for his character. 

"Don't Stop Believin'"

It's hard to choose between the pilot version of this song and the Regionals performance in "Journey." Both were great, but for different reasons.

But I think I'm going to go with the first instance the piece was presented on Glee, because it showed the glee club truly coming together, and it gave us a glimpse of the greatness to come. 

"Don't Stop Believin'" was the first released song performed by the New Directions, and the first song most people think of when they think of Glee. And it wouldn't have happened if Finn hadn't decided to join glee club. Without this important moment for the new glee club male lead, we might not have even made it to 100 episodes. 

Bonus - Cheerios Audition

Maybe it's not the most important moment in Finn's life. It's not even close to the most important moment of his high school career. Heck, it probably wasn't the best thing to happen to him that day, even.

But this audition is such a perfect example of Finn, I wanted to throw it in to remind us all just how goofy this kid was. Look at those moves! You can't get any more "Finn" than this.

Do you agree with the moments I chose, Gleeks? There were so many Finn moments to choose from, and I definitely left a lot out. Make sure to comment below with what you think were the best Finn moments on Glee!

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