[Videos] 'Glee' 100 Episode Look Back: Tina's Top 6 Moments
[Videos] 'Glee' 100 Episode Look Back: Tina's Top 6 Moments
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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To celebrate Glee's fast approaching 100th episode we'll be taking a look at the top six moments from the original six Glee members: Mercedes, Tina, Artie, Finn, Kurt and Rachel over the next week. Here's the top six moments for Tina, one of the original glee club members at McKinley High.

Tina Cohen-Chang was arguably the most neglected of the original Gleeks until her enhanced role during the latest seasons. And as she's started to have increased presence and purpose, her character has--well, changed, to say the least. Her recent, more manic behavior is a far cry from the quiet, shy, stuttering girl of the first season. 

Don't get me wrong, I love that she's more confident. But her more current behavior made it harder to find positive "top" moments to include on this list that are more fresh in my mind. But at least I had more scenes to choose from than some of the other original characters, since Tina still hasn't graduated!

Here are six of the best moments on Glee for Tina, one of the six original glee club members who've been with us since the early days, in no particular order of importance.

"True Colors"

Way back during the first season of Glee, this performance was a standout for Ms. Cohen-Chang. I remember literally sitting up and taking notice when she started to sing. Yes, other members of the glee club joined in, but it was really Tina's number to sell to the audience. And boy, did she deliver.

Her clear, pure voice rang out on that auditorium stage like a bell during this performance, and really showed that Jenna Ushkowitz had a lot to offer the show. Critics adored it, too, so I think this early performance definitely belongs on the list.

"Dog Days Are Over"

Mainly a duet with Mercedes it might have been, but Tina wasn't drowned out by the powerhouse belter of a fellow glee club member in this number. It remains one of my favorite covers done on Glee, and Tina's voice was perfectly suited to act as one of the leads. 

On top of that, it's a piece that Mercedes and Tina perform after Rachel acknowledges their status as unsung heroes, giving up a solo because she, like the viewers, knew the girls deserved to shine. 

This second season performance was a hit, and the show hadn't overused their cliched move to have "all the Gleeks dance around on the stage for no particular reason" scene just yet. A whole lot of fun for everyone involved, and a perfect choice for Tina to take on.


For their Sectionals set list in season three, the glee club chooses this Jackson 5 hit to perform, and Tina takes one of the lead vocalists. Thanks in part to her, they sang their way to victory. 

This was the first time on Glee that Tina sang lead in a competition. That's a pretty big deal, considering Tina so rarely gets to show off on the show anyway. Considering the New Directions were up against the Troubletones, with some very talented female singers who were formerly part of ND themselves, she had a lot to be proud of.


So about Tina never getting any solos and Rachel getting all of them-- well, Tina recognized that several times on Glee. But it came to a head during the episode "Props," in which she hit her head and had a dream where she WAS Rachel!

I couldn't pick just one moment during this episode, because I just thought it was great that we got such a Tina-centric episode at all! It was great to see all the actors playing each other, too. But if I had to choose one awesome moment, it would be Tina's performance--as Rachel, I guess?--of "Because You Loved Me." 

In the end, Tina helps Rachel out with her NYADA dreams after her revealing own literal dream. At least she got to perform a lovely number in that dream, and we got to enjoy it, before Glee was back to being The Rachel Show again!

Vampire Tina

No, this isn't a musical number. Tina has a limited number of songs she gets to solo on or lead on the show anyway, but I also just wanted to make sure to include a moment that I loved from her of her just being Tina, not Musical Performer Tina.

You have to admit, Tina frightening Figgins in order to be able to wear her Goth style clothes was pretty funny. And the show even remembered it happening later, when it was revisited in season three. Continuity on Glee! Thanks Tina!

Prom Queen

Yes, Tina got the Carrie-treatment when she won Prom Queen in season five of Glee. And at first, she doesn't take the humiliation very well (would you?). 

But it's the way she reacted after the glee club cheered her up that made me want to include her win on this list. They comfort her, and convince her to go back on stage and claim her crown.

To the tune of the Beatles' "Hey Jude," Tina gets back out in front of the crowd of McKinley High onlookers to accept her position. It's an excellent example of standing tall in the face of adversity, and an excellent recent example of a great Tina moment.

What do you say, Gleeks? Can you think of other top moments for Tina? Comment below with your choices!

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