This Week on 'Glee': Just When You Thought They're Deeply In Love...
This Week on 'Glee': Just When You Thought They're Deeply In Love...
Hey there, gleeks. How are you? Did the past four months treat you well? Did you miss me? Of course you didn't miss me--you missed Glee! And it's back! Hooray! It's back better than ever, more confident and more willing to push the boundaries. Sure, tonight's episode may be a bit slow, but I'd like to call it a set-up for what's coming soon: regionals. In Will's words, "we're in the big leagues, guys."

So what happened? Sue blackmails her way back to McKinley High and to her quips against Will's hair. Oh, and her plans to break New Directions apart too, which involves having Brittany and Santana seduce Finn so Rachel will break up with him and leave the club. That kinda works: after he breaks up with her (he needs a timeout, he says) she meets Vocal Adrenaline's lead vocalist, Jesse St. James, and they start a relationship to the chagrin of the glee kids. Concerned, Will pays a visit to VA's coach Shelby Corcoran... and they make out too, just a day after he (almost) makes out with Emma, who also calls for a timeout. What's with all this making out?

This week's best: Brittany and Santana


After the discovery that they're "dating", whatever that means, it's nice to see this unlikely couple get much more screen time. The hands! The gestures! The thinking! They're Glee's new bitchy duo: one is dumb and one is slutty, but they complement each other, and watching them implementing Sue's plans (ineffectively, I suppose) is adorable. I think we learned a lot more from them during their "date" with Finn than in the past 13 episodes. "You buy us dinner, and we make out in front of you," Santana explained, before asking him to go away and leave his credit card. Unfair!

This week's worst: Shelby Corcoran


What is she really up to? Seduce New Directions, one by one, until they break by regionals? Seems like it, judging from her surprise (and chuckle-inducing) make-out session with Will. Of course there's the other side of the plan: Jesse starting a relationship with Rachel. But a part of me thinks it's actually for real, and not just a we're-together-until-regionals-when-I-whoop-your-ass thing. If there's a bigger thorn down Will's path in the next episodes, it's not Sue. It's Shelby.

This week's best song: Rachel and Jesse's "Hello"

I'll have more on this week's music tomorrow, but here's a thought: What do Rachel and Jesse have that Rachel and Finn don't? Chemistry, vocal talent, and chemistry. 'Nuff said.

This week's quotables:


"Sometimes I wish I could be more like Coach Tanaka. He pulled a Jessica Simpson. You know, lost his fiancee, gained 40 pounds and stopped showering... and everyone acts like it's totally normal. "
--Finn, making the sight of a brain-dead Ken more bearable to watch

"There. You no longer confuse me with your she-male looks. I'm gonna donate this to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. They can use it to plug the holes in their trailers."
--Sue, after cutting that poor guy's Casey James-wannabe locks

"We were seduced by the glitz and glamour of showbiz."
--Brittany, after being berated by Sue for not taking glee club down

"You are two of the stupidest teens I have ever encountered, and that's saying something. I once taught a cheerleading seminar to a young Sarah Palin."
--Sue, refuting the fact that she's just about to hit 30

"I'm not just some guy you met at the music store and you can just blow off. I don't give up that easy."
--Finn, giving us an extra dose of balls and standing up for his love of Rachel

My thought bubbles:

Are Quinn and Puck together? Or are they also "sorta dating" like Finn and Rachel are? (Should it be "were"?) Since we're with Quinn, where does she live now? Did Finn kick her out after the sectionals drama?

Will Finn ever get better in the sports he plays?
Okay, he was distracted, but it seems McKinley High's basketball team will be as worse as McKinley High's football team... I think I know who to blame. Ken! Okay. New thought bubble.

Will Ken ever be fired for being an incompetent coach?
It's best Figgins learns that his school is good at cheerleading and singing, not sporting.

What is Jesse up to? Is he really in love with Rachel or is he using her to gain a one-up for regionals? (My answer: the former. See next week's episode.)

Are you ready for Madonna next week? You must've spotted Sue's "Vogue" video after the episode. Personally I think they should've kept it under wraps until next week because it's very awesome considering why the video happened. Still, it's out, and it's awesome, and you can watch it here. There's also another video you have to watch next week, and it'll make you go... "they did just that?"

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