This Week on 'Glee': Be Scandalous Or Be Nobody
This Week on 'Glee': Be Scandalous Or Be Nobody
You can call tonight's Glee episode a scathing take on how celebrities are formed nowadays. Not a good sign for Lindsay Lohan, who wasn't happy with the reference to her two weeks back--I mean, when they talk about being scandalous to be famous, who else could you think of? Anyway, after last week's dramatic excursion, this week was an onslaught of awesome. Molly Shannon! Emma being confrontative! Rachel's weiiird smile at the end! Or was it a smile?

So what happened? Since Kurt leaked her recreation of the "Physical" music video, Sue reveals the existence the G-List, a list of who's hot and who's not in the glee club. As Will investigates, the glee kids decide to create a scandal to go up the charts, and they all backfire. With Rachel reeling from her losing Jesse, Sue gets extra empowered: she recreates the "Physical" vid with Olivia Newton-John, and tells Emma about Will's dalliances, which lead to the two splitting up. But he's the martyr: he endures the ridicule and doesn't give up Quinn as the G-List's creator.
This week's best: Will's interrogation, Law & Order style


"Bad Reputation" is too hilarious. It's like one zinger after another--so many that I failed to keep track and had to rewind, say, seven times! My favorite scene tonight, though, would be Will interrogating his glee kids about who did the G-List. Finn didn't do it. Mercedes is just sassy. Puck is a badass. Brittany doesn't know how to turn on her PC. And Kurt assumed correctly that Will is watching too much Law & Order, which explains for his extra exasperated attitude. I'll have to say, I can't imagine Mr. Shue on a crime series...

This week's worst: Emma calls Will a slut and goes bye-bye


This cannot be! One of the most painfully adorable couples on television today is saying bye-bye? Sure, this is because of Sue--she thinks she's trying to help, but I'm sure that's more vitriol for his old nemesis--but it's also because of Emma, she who hasn't been intimate with anyone, she who probably doesn't know how to react to such a situation. Although I can't blame her. Will also doesn't know how to react, since he's been with Terri for so long. (Speaking of which, where has Terri been?) Maybe this is the best chance for the couple to reassess everything--the very thing they failed to do in the past couple of weeks--and maybe we can expect a jubilant return for both.

This week's best song: Rachel's "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

I'll admit, I love this song. I always have. And, like in previous weeks, I liked the visuals Glee gave to this song. Sure, the ballet classes were a bit weird, but not having anybody sing "forever's gonna start tonight" when you expect it? And everybody leaving choir room at the end? Heartbreak.

This week's quotables:


"Will, I may buy a small diaper for your chin because it looks like a baby's ass."
--Sue, considering a career as a casting agent for those diaper ads on TV

"This is not happening. The cruel slow motion laughter is just your imagination. You're Sue Sylvester. Legend. They're not laughing at you because of your 'Physical' video. Just calmly pour yourself a cup of joe and focus. Wait, what's that smell? Dear God, that's  coffee! It's usually masked by the smell of fear! Sweet merciful Lord, this is happening! You're being laughed at in slow motion by a roomful of inferiors who you used to terrify!"
--Sue realizing she's no longer the boss... in hilarious fashion

"I've been here since first period. I had a cold. I took all my antibiotics at the same time and now I can't remember how to leave."
--Brittany, stealing the show again

"I go to school and I say, 'be cool, Puck, be nice.' But by second period I've got a fire extinguisher in my hand and I'm spraying some dweeb with it and I don't know how I got there."
--Puck, making me wonder if his badassness is incurable

"Will Schuester? I'm Brenda Castle. I'm the new astronomy teacher and badminton coach. I also happen to be an alcoholic aaaaand I like pills! I hear that's just your type. Now let's go in this classroom and pork!"
--Brenda, making quite an impression

My thought bubbles:

What now of Will and Emma? I still think it'll be a happy ending. The question is, how will they get there? Will Sue continue to be Emma's "therapist"? Will Mr. Shue figure it all out? Or will (gasp!) Will realize this isn't working out and actually return to Terri? Anything's possible.

What about Rachel? With three guys now going against her, what will happen to her? Or better yet, who'll be the first to bury the hatchet and bring sparks back? I'm smelling Finn.

Will Sue actually be nice? Doubt it. Not with Brenda throwing zingers at her. Molly Shannon, thank you for giving that cheerleading coach a formidable opponent, Stephen Colbert style. As long as it doesn't resort to Sue sticking true to her "I will kick you square in the taco!" threat...

What the hell is it with the Teletubbies reference? Mercedes, Artie and the gang going "again, again, again!" after Sue's revised "Physical" video was mind-numbingly odd.

And finally... Sandy Ryerson is Rachel's dad? Of course, not, but with Rachel earlier saying that one of her dads will shoot her with a stun gun on the "Run Joey Run" video--and Sandy popping up in his place--you certainly would think that. Still, there's nothing bad with having an extra Sandy in our lives...

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