'The Glee Project' Recap: Duets, Kisses and Drag
'The Glee Project' Recap: Duets, Kisses and Drag
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's time to duet on The Glee Project as the week's theme is the made-up word "pairability." Darren Criss is back to mentor. In the homework challenge, Matheus and Alex are definitely the odd couple, while Marissa steals the show and wins with uncomfortable partner Cameron. Then the original pairs get broken up for new couples to do separate due music videos.

Some individuals really step up, while some of the original favorites (Alex and Matheus) continue to prove they started strong, but don't really have what it takes to last. We also get a change of format as the bottom three couples perform for Ryan Murphy, and then he picks the bottom three individuals. Here are my rankings for the four music videos.

#1 Marissa and Samuel
"Don't You Want Me" by The Human League

My biggest takeaway from their one-on-one time with Darren Criss is that he sits Indian style on the piano bench, which seems very uncomfortable to me. Their video is filled with plenty of angst, and they're probably the best two actors on the show. Things get heated when the director asks Marissa to plant a sneak attack kiss on Samuel. That just seems like bad directing, not to let he guy know that his co-star is gonna be kissing him.

#2 Lindsey and Cameron
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Frank Loesser

Lindsey is pretty great, and even though she started out as the villain, she's turned it around and proven that she could easily be on Glee. Sadly, as much as I love Cameron, he gets out-acted because the song is too serious, and he's better at playing the goofy stuff. Lindsey throws a kiss in at the end, which leaves Cameron looking like a deer caught in the headlights, and the wholesome Christian boy calls home to admit how guilty he feels about "cheating" on his girlfriend.

#3 Matheus and Damian
"The Lady is a Tramp" by Frank Sinatra

This is perfect for Damian, and he's quite dashing and charming, but Matheus can't hack it. With just two of them in a music video, he presents an unfortunate problem for the technical side of filming a scene. He's so short that you can't really fit both of them in the same frame at the same time, so half the video is of Matheus' face and Damian's crotch dancing together. It might not seem fair, but that's a very real concern for the production of a TV series, and if he wins, it'll put a big strain on Glee's cinematographers.

#4 Hannah and Alex
"Nowadays" from Chicago

In the musical, this is a duet for two women, and in the most awkward moment of The Glee Project, Alex does the scene in drag as a woman. It's just really weird to watch, although to his credit, Alex's "female" vocals are better than any of the actual girls on this show.

The Bottom Three Couples

Hannah and Alex ("Valerie" by Amy Winehouse): They have fun, but for me, it's a disaster and it makes me want to listen to Naya Rivera's version to clear my ears. But Ryan Murphy is obsessed with anyone who looks different, so he adores them, especially the idea of Alex doing drag.

Matheus and Damian ("These Boots Are Made for Walking" by Nancy Sinatra): Yikes, another vocal trainwreck for me, and it's making me hate duets. But the judges love it and the chemistry, and then they both throw Alex under the bus for being a diva.

Lindsey and Cameron ("River Deep - Mountain High" by Ike and Tina Turner): I love this a whole lot more than their original duet, because Lindsey's professionalism and Cameron's goofiness play beautifully together. I think this is a case where Murphy prefers kids with stories he can relate to (like Alex or Chris Colfer) but doesn't really understand or care about normal, well-adjusted teenagers. However, he does say he's interested in writing a Christian character for the show, so that might help.

The Bottom Three Individuals

Cameron, Matheus and Alex wind up in the bottom. Cameron was outperformed by Lindsey, Matheus isn't suave enough and Alex gets chastised for being a diva who doesn't work well with others. As always, Ryan Murphy says that he doesn't like Cameron, but he knows his casting director is hopelessly in love with he kid and sees something Murphy doesn't. Backstage, Matheus cries over all the drama with Alex.

In a surprise twist, Matheus is eliminated. Three strikes and you're out, and while he was an early favorite, I agree that he probably isn't the best fit for Glee. Thank God Ryan Murphy keeps getting outvoted on Cameron.

Next week on The Glee Project: The kids get slushied and Max Adler (Karofsky) stops by.

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