Spoiler Alert: Did Jane Lynch Reveal Who's Leaving 'Glee'?
Spoiler Alert: Did Jane Lynch Reveal Who's Leaving 'Glee'?
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Now that we're heading into the home stretch of season 3 on Glee and graduation is in sight, every episode lately has been and will focus on saying goodbye. But it looks like we might be in for another emotional moment, and it's a big one. Please note that a major spoiler is ahead.

It's already been announced that Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera will all be returning for season 4. But for the rest of the cast? Nothing has been confirmed as of yet. However, we may be getting closer to finding out, as Jane Lynch might have let slip the fate of one character.

While at an event at the TV Academy, Jane Lynch spoke to E! Online and revealed an emotional scene that she shared with Dianna Agron (Quinn) while filming one of the final episodes, if not the finale itself. "It caught me by surprise," she told E! "It was kind of emotional doing my last scene with Dianna, and it really just caught me by surprise at how moving it was. She is just amazing and just a really nice person too. It was like saying goodbye to Dianna, which is a sad thing to do."

There are two different paths that could be taken here, depending on how you interpret what Jane Lynch said above. Since Sue and Quinn have a long history together, it's not surprising they would have a goodbye scene. Quinn has been accepted to Yale, so this scene could be part of that moving on process. And if she does go through with attending Yale, there really is no logical reason to have this character on the show anymore.

On the flip side, you could determine that Dianna is possibly staying by looking closely at the wording of what Lynch says: "It was like saying goodbye to Dianna" (italics my emphasis). She's saying that it was as if she was saying goodbye to one of her fellow actors, but not actually saying she's leaving.

But I go back to the former theory, that Dianna Agron will be leaving the show. Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Santana are four major characters on the show and some of the more popular ones as well. It's no surprise that they would say. And with three of them heading off to New York soon in pursuit of making it in the entertainment industry, they will still have a connection to the musical genre embedded within Glee. But Quinn going off to Yale holds no connection to the genre anymore. Thus, we can only come to the conclusion that Dianna Agron, and therefore Quinn, will be leaving the show at the end of season 3.

What do you think? Did Jane Lynch let slip that Dianna Agron is leaving the show? Or was she just sharing the limited information that she knew, which is a goodbye scene with the character but not necessarily a goodbye for the  actress?

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