Oooh, NBC Got Burned By Gleeks
Oooh, NBC Got Burned By Gleeks
So we know what exactly happened, right?  NBC executives took off the cast of Glee from the roster of this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  Not really an unusual decision, since the parade is airing on NBC, and Glee is obviously one of the biggest things on Fox at the moment.  Sources did say there were concerns that putting the show's cast on one of the biggest events of the year would amount to outright promotion.

But the media pounced on the story, and obviously gleeks did, too.  Some pointed out that previous parades had floats for High School Musical and American Idol, similarly big (if not bigger) franchises that aren't on NBC.  Fans started calling the network's decision to yank the Glee kids a stupid move.  I mean, everywhere I look, there are comments from fans that go "there goes the only reason why I'm watching this year's parade!" or "the peacock's big bosses have lost the plot!"

But perhaps the funniest putdown came from Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who didn't really seem to mind the yanking.  "I completely understand NBC's position, and look forward to seeing a Jay Leno float," he told Entertainment Weekly.

Yeowch, burn.

Well, the outcry is definitely deserved.  In the first place, it was Macy's which extended the invitation to the Glee cast, and it was only NBC who asked the stores to withdraw it.  From where I am, the network suddenly looks like an insecure one who doesn't really know what to do--remember, Jay Leno's getting a lot of burn nowadays, too.

But admittedly I'm pretty relieved to see that the Glee kids won't be there.  Imagine the feeling when you see them everywhere--they've just wrapped up a tour and are planning another one; their songs are making a pretty significant dent on the iTunes charts; an album of those songs are coming out next month.  Not that I want to get tired of them, but imagine High School Musical: they were everywhere and suddenly the taste got sour for some.  Sure, the exposure for the show will be great--some figures put the number of viewers for last year's Macy's parade as triple that of a Glee episode--but too much exposure?  Nope.

I'd like to call it a blessing in disguise.  At least we still have it, and it's still not out of control.  Now, to continue calling NBC a bit insecure about not having something like Glee...

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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