New 'Glee' Promo: Madonna References! Will and Emma! Suuuuuue!
New 'Glee' Promo: Madonna References! Will and Emma! Suuuuuue!
Surely you spotted the new Glee promo during the two-hour American Idol, arguably the highlight of my night:

And maybe you've seen the folks at Entertainment Tonight discuss the new nine episodes of the show, which premiere April 13 (by, well, using the same footage on the promo above):

So what do we gather from all this?

The Madonna episode is, well, absolutely Madonna-y. Sue's outfit! The songs! I'm no Madonna expert but I presume the stilts the Cheerios were on is also a Madonna reference? I propose a game when "The Power of Madonna" airs: the person who spots the most Madge references wins... kudos.

Did anybody spot Jonathan Groff?
Yes, we know how important his role is in the new episodes--lead male vocal for Vocal Adrenaline, and one-time Rachel boyfriend, perhaps?--but seeing him belt out that one note sent chills. And what seems to be a quick clip of him with Rachel, too.

The Will-Emma-Terri triangle is going to get a lot complicated. One clip from the official promo has Will and Emma singing. In bed. Wait, is that Emma? Yes, that has to be Emma. By any means Terri will absolutely find out about Will's little dalliances. And with that almost-kiss, Terri is going to be the scorned woman now, I predict.

"Somewhere in the English countryside, in a stately manor home, Madonna is weeping!"
Ahh, yes, the Sue-isms. She's back at McKinley High with a vengeance. Setting aside the hows, my question goes like this: what now?

We haven't seen much of Puck and Quinn. Yes, they were there, but they weren't prominent in the new footage. (I mean, I can even spot creepy Jacob from a mile away.) Is there something going on between them?

Of course, that's not yet everything: there's still the guest roles for Olivia Newton-John and Neil Patrick Harris, and there's still Molly Shannon's recurring role, and there's a lot of slushee facials to go with. But little new footage is better than no footage, as all of us gleeks know. It may be still far away, but Glee is coming. Now, for me to sing along to the Beatles. "You say goodbye and I say hello..."

(Image courtesy of Fox)