My 'Glee' Wishlist: Original Singers, Revenge on Quinn, and Loads of Sue Time
My 'Glee' Wishlist: Original Singers, Revenge on Quinn, and Loads of Sue Time
Finally, after months of promoting, months of waiting, and that tweet-peat, a new episode of Glee will air tomorrow.  And what best rhymes with glee?  Of course, "wheeee!"  Well, simply because we'll finally see an episode that's not the pilot.  While I am a professed gleek, I'm getting tired of seeing the same episode over and over again.

But the one thing the pilot did well is establish the characters and give us some space to speculate what might just happen.  Or rather, think of scenarios that we hope will happen on the show.  Pretty much the predictable stuff--romances and one-ups and, in the case of Glee, song numbers.  My wish list pretty much goes in that direction, supplanted by clues we've seen in episode previews and everything else written about the show.

The show should not become as cheesy as it might be.  Is it just me, or are there many opportunities for the show to go through the break-out-in-song route?  I like Glee because it isn't like that.

Bigger roles for Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale.  Am I too anxious too early, that we won't see much of the slightly lispy Tina and wheelchair-bound Artie?  Oh, wait, there will be an episode that explores what led Artie to the wheelchair.

The original singer of the songs they're singing actually singing the song.  I know it sounds confusing, but come to think of it.  Steve Perry coming on to Glee singing "Don't Stop Believin'"?  And some say it's pretty likely...

More Sue.  More Sue.  More Sue.  Because so far, she is my favorite bit on the show.

And in that regard, more Terri.  More Terri.  More Terri.  She's going to be Will's other nemesis of sorts, ironic, because they're married.  But that doesn't mean I want Will and Emma to get together.  No, that will never sound right.  This is no melodrama!

A look back at Will's past glee-ful success.  Because we didn't see much from the pilot.  Only the sound, I think, coming off whatever Emma was showing him to convince him to stay.

The most unlikely romance?  The third episode hints at something between Kurt and Mercedes.  He's yet to come out, right?  Right.  I trust they'll treat that with sensitivity, but don't tell me there'll be a Kurt-Mercedes pairing in the offing, too?

A Quinn-Puck song number.  Because if they'll be the villain figures (of sorts) of the series, might as well have a production number to go with it--which, oddly, will go against everything they believe in.  Although Puck will be singing early on, too, in the third episode.

Quinn getting her one-uppance.  Because, among the two aforementioned villain figures, it's her that I don't really get.  Well, sure, she's Finn's girlfriend and she disses Rachel a lot, but that's it?  I understand Puck's more.  (Well, in a future episode--spoiler alert!--I have every reason to believe Quinn, the head of the Chastity Club or whatever it's called, will get pregnant.)

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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