Music, Relationships or Comedy: Why Do You Watch 'Glee'?
Music, Relationships or Comedy: Why Do You Watch 'Glee'?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Glee is like a rollercoaster, and I'm sitting backwards. The show jumps between genres and storylines so quickly that fans might be able to lodge a class-action lawsuit against the creators for whiplash. However, the most infuriating part for me is that, when I enjoy an episode, the general consensus on the Internet seems to be it wasn't very good. And when I hate an episode (like I did with "Asian F"), people seem to think it's one of the best episodes ever.

I think the problem stems from the fact that viewers take what they want out of Glee. The show has so much going on, and depending on why you watch, you might love or hate a particular episode.

Take this week's "Pot o' Gold." I can acknowledge that the whole Quinn storyline (complete with Puck and Shelby hooking up) is terrible and creepy. And I can also admit that the week's big musical numbers were nothing special. But I still loved the episode thanks to healthy doses of Brittany, Santana and Sue Sylvester. They're the reason I watch and the things I love most about Glee, so any episode that heavily features them is my cup of tea.

The detractors, however, seem to dwell on the Quinn stuff, dismiss the leprechaun jokes as lame and huff over the lack of Rachel. So let's look at why this might be by examining the three biggest reasons someone might watch Glee.

The Relationships

If you're a Finnchel or Klaine or Wemma shipper, then you clearly love Glee for the dramatic elements. You view Glee as a teen soap and get emotionally invested in these characters and their love lives. If that's the case, then "Pot o' Gold" was a complete failure. It didn't deal with any of those big three relationships and the only relationship storylines to focus on were Puck and Shelby (gross) or Santana and Brittany (which is sweet and awesome).

Personally, I don't really care about the drama of the relationships. If Emma vanished from the show never to return, I'd be quite happy. The same goes for Finn, Rachel and Kurt, who've become so earnest that watching them makes me feel like I'm watching an after-school special.

The Music

At its core, Glee is a musical, and the big production numbers can often be a highlight of an episode. However, is the music really the primary reason someone would watch the show? I know that some people enjoy musical revues, productions that are just a series of songs without any real story, but I can't stand them. I saw Smokey Joe's Cafe on Broadway, and it was the worst theater-going experience of my life. Sure, the songs were great, but I need something more than music.

For this reason, I'm able to acknowledge that "Asian F," despite being my least favorite episode of season 3, had the best musical numbers. I loved Mike Chang's "Cool," Brittany "Run the World (Girls)" and the big Dreamgirls group number, "It's All Over." But everything in between just wasn't as good.

The Comedy

This is the reason I watch, and what I wish Glee would be all of the time. The show is a comedy, and as such, it should have jokes and wacky characters and ridiculous situations. The reason I love Brittany and Sue the most is that they are impossible characters not based in any sense of reality. If Sue existed in the real world, she'd be in prison, and if Brittany was real, she'd be moved to a special school. Their absurdity often leads to great comedic moments.

The comedy is what keeps me coming back for more. Glee can be an incredibly funny show when it isn't focused on very special episodes about serious issues like gay bullying or the economic crisis. Leave the drama for One Tree Hill.

So why do you watch Glee? Are you invested in the relationships and the characters? Do you love the music? Or are you a sucker for the zany, absurdist comedy?

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