Listen to the Music from 'Glee' Episode 4: Preggers
Listen to the Music from 'Glee' Episode 4: Preggers
I don't know about you guys, but "Preggers" was my favorite episode of the season. I know that we've only seen 4 episodes, but still. I was floored by the humor and the grace that Glee handled Kurt's storyline. I laughed. I cried (that's a lie but I don't cry). I will admit that I'm sad there weren't a lot of songs to come out of this episode but it was still great. I thought that Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) would be singing a different Celine Dion song. "That's the Way it is" or "The Power of Love" or "I'm Your Angel" or my personal favorite "Because you Loved Me." We didn't get classic Celine. We got new Celine. I don't love "Taking Chances" but I had chills down my spine after hearing Lea Michele belt out the tune. The full version (which you can purchase on iTunes) is a bit slower than the clip they showed in the episode, but it's still good. So take a listen and enjoy. Oh, and I've also included the football team's dance to "Single Ladies." How could I not?

Lea Michele singing "Taking Chances"

Jenna Ushkowitz singing "Tonight"

"Single Ladies"

- Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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