Jayma Mays Becomes A Smurf... Not Really
Jayma Mays Becomes A Smurf... Not Really
I know the Smurfs are blue and small, but big eyes? I didn't not see that coming.

Well, because Jayma Mays isn't playing a Smurf. The Glee star has signed on for a role in the upcoming live/animated feature film based on the classic animated series. Again, she's not a Smurf: she'll be playing the pregnant wife of Neil Patrick Harris' character.

She's expected to shoot Smurfs while the final two episodes of Glee's first season are being produced, but her representative told TVGuide.com that it will not make a scheduling conflict. I'm guessing the storyline just moves away from Emma and Will during those last two episodes--after all, it's regionals and a concluding pregnancy...

It's also a fun little coincidence that Harris is, as we all know, crossing over to Glee for an episode slated to air this May, as a former rival of Matthew Morrison's character.

Emma, torn in the middle? Kidding aside though, would you love to see Jayma Mays on the big screen again?

(Image courtesy of WENN)