Idina Menzel (Sort Of) Teases Possible 'Glee' Appearance
Idina Menzel (Sort Of) Teases Possible 'Glee' Appearance
Yes, we know gleeks around the gleekosphere want to see Tony winner Idina Menzel show up on Glee to play Rachel's birth mother, the same one who's the perfect mix of beauty, artistry and intellect her gay dads were looking for. I mean, they look alike! That should be enough reason, right?

Well, the message has been sent, and the Broadway star admits she would love to appear on the show... well, she didn't exactly say it herself. In fact, it was her husband, fellow actor Taye Diggs, who teased the possibility.

"I know that she would love that," he told Fancast, adding that the resemblance between the two would make the casting "awesome".

Now, there's no concrete details yet, but Diggs is pretty excited at the possibility. "They [Menzel and Lea Michele] know each other, so we knew that [resemblance] existed far, far before the TV world did," he said. "[They] are fans of each other." Refresher: both made names for themselves on Broadway--Michele for Spring Awakening; Menzel, for Wicked, where "Defying Gravity" came from, as we all know.

Also helps that Menzel is a gleek, too. "We are just so happy to see a lot of these theater kids get the opportunity to do some television work," Diggs said. "[They're] doing a really great job, and I hope some more will follow."

Now, Ryan Murphy and the rest of the writing staff, I do hope you got that message loud and clear.

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