How to Deal With and Survive Severe 'Glee' Separation Anxiety Syndrome
How to Deal With and Survive Severe 'Glee' Separation Anxiety Syndrome
Usually, I'd get my hands on a fresh batch photos on an upcoming episode of Glee at this time of the week.  Yesterday, though, was somewhat unusual: there weren't any.  I dug around a bit, and I saw something that gleeks might be interested to know: there won't be a new Glee episode at the end of this month.

Let me clear that up.  Tomorrow, we have a new Glee episode, something that we've previewed here and here and here.  The week after that, there's another new Glee episode, the one where the cool kids lose their cool status.  The week after that week, there won't be a new Glee episode.  The World Series will take its place.  In other words, baseball got in the way.

Sure, that usually happens with other television shows, but in the seven weeks I've been covering Glee for this fine website, I noticed that fellow gleeks often come out of a hangover after watching an episode, and are still out for more.  With news that Glee will skip a week, I imagine people having severe Glee separation anxiety syndrome... although, of course, I was exaggerating.  But I'll stick with that thought.

So, I thought, why not give a handful of ideas to help the gleekdom go through this, uhh, ordeal?  Some of these ideas are, I'm sure, the very things you do every Wednesday, before Glee goes to air, but I'll post them anyway:

Listen to all of the Glee-fied songs you've downloaded.  It's also the perfect earworm, something that you'll sing anywhere and everywhere.  Which reminds me: I've got to download more of these songs.  I only have "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Alone".  I sing it in the shower and on the way to the office, perhaps annoying fellow clueless commuters.

Listen to the original versions of the Glee-fied songs.  Kristin Chenoweth singing "Alone" meant me downloading Heart's "Alone", which meant an even greater earworm.  I don't exactly recommend it.  It drives you crazy.

Watch all eight previous episodes.  Well, by now we only have six, so tomorrow's the seventh and next week's the eighth.  We've got the full episodes here.  Maybe you can list down your favorite quotes like we've done the past few weeks.

Ponder the future of your favorite Glee couple.  Should Finn and Quinn keep holding on?  Should Finn (seriously) address his feelings for Rachel instead?  Should Finn consider giving Kurt a chance?  (Okay, that is a long shot.)  Should Terri reveal to Will that she's not pregnant?  (That is a longer shot.  And I haven't mentioned... okay, I'll stop myself.  No mentions of that-which-shall-be-handled-with-squeaky-clean-care until many of the gleeks I know have gotten over it.)

Watch all the "Single Ladies" videos that you can see on YouTube and rank them.  So there's the original, and there's the one on Saturday Night Live, and there's the one with Joe Jonas, and there's the one with the McKinley High football team, and surely there's a hell lot more out there.  I remember watching Attack of the Show and seeing this "Single Ladies" spoof when the dancer accidentally bonked his head on the television.  Just wanted to mention that.  (And since we're talking about YouTube, have you seen this?)

Listen to the original cast recordings of your favorite Glee stars.  A friend of mine (and fellow gleek) has been listening to the original Broadway cast recording of Spring Awakening lately, and while I know she's got a thing for show tunes, a part of me thinks it's because Lea Michele is part of it.  Surely the original Broadway cast recording of Hairspray is lying around somewhere, too--must make you realize that Matthew Morrison is the original Zac Efron.  Go pick them up if you can.

Aggravate your separation by avoiding any Glee spoilers for the week it doesn't go on air.  They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so maybe keeping away from anything gleeky during the time will spike up anticipation for the new episode that airs next.  Obviously, it's something I cannot do, because I have to give those spoilers.  And if nobody reads it, then I won't feel as fulfilled.  My confidence will crash like Will's.  Maybe that wasn't a good tip...

Any more ideas?  It's still two weeks away, but as our friendly doctors say, prevention is better than cure.  And way better than the decongestants Terri supplied.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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