Gleeks React: Who's Got Big Plans for the Big Apple?
Gleeks React: Who's Got Big Plans for the Big Apple?
I'll admit it, I wasn't surprised when I found out that Jean died on last week's Glee -- and the same probably goes for the rest of us. The surprise was with how it'd affect Sue.

Okay, so Sue having a change of heart and vowing not to make New Directions' life miserable isn't a surprise, but the fact that the de facto villain of the show is having a change of heart is. Who will be the show's new devil incarnate? Could it be Quinn, whose mood swings (that's the most plausible explanation) between episodes leave me confused? Could it be Santana, who's still good at taking people down? Could it be Terri? Oh, wait, it can't be her.

Anyway, my point is, there's a big change coming to Glee, and tonight's season finale will definitely deal with that. It's not just about New Directions heading to New York: it's New Directions finally getting a chance to realize their dreams. After all, nobody wants to be what Quinn calls a "Lima loser," right? That's where we kick off this week's Gleeks React.

Warning: This week's responses are particularly spoiler-y. Stay away if you don't want to be spoiled!

Not-So-Evil Sue

We start with the bereaved Sue Sylvester, and her softer side showing again after the death of her sister, Jean. Now, we know they mean the world to each other -- especially to Sue, who didn't seem so mean after we found out about Jean in "Wheels" -- but not much seems to happen whenever we see a nicer Sue. You can say she's ridiculously more evil this time around ("almost torturing" Artie, anyone?).

But now, after New Directions organizes a funeral for Jean, Sue says she won't get in the way of the glee club anymore. For one, I'm relieved, but I'm also curious -- does she really, really, really mean it this time?

@Issanika: "I would like to believe her. It's getting tired to watch poor Sue try to destroy [New Directions] without any success."

Jose Babiera, via Facebook: "Sue has turned a new leaf before. It will happen again."

Then again, maybe Sue is really planning to run for Congress (although I'm afraid that's very far from what Glee is supposed to be about).

CarolineRamos4: "I'm actually excited for Sue next season. Just imagine Sue insulting every politician she comes into contact with... Tell me that idea doesn't appeal to you. Having Sue's Corner on Fox News? Yes, please!"

So who should be the glee club's new bad guy, then?

DiddyFreemantle2: "[Jesse] may be shallow but they need an evil character. Sue can be evil, but they try to explain why she is so evil by making her turn around and be good for an episode."

Then again, we're not sure if Jesse is still out to ruin New Directions (even if he was being a tool on last week's episode). What about Terri?

@ca90069: "It looks like Terri is being shipped off to Miami for good. Bring back Gwyneth Paltrow soon!"

Ambiguously Bitchy Quinn

Also keeping us awake this week: Quinn, and her "big plans" when they get to New York. I have to say, I love the way how this twist came from out of the blue -- I never thought she still had something up her sleeve, not after slapping Rachel at prom -- but at the same time, I hate the fact that we still have to deal with something in tonight's episode.

Anyway, speculation time: what's Quinn planning to do when she heads to New York? And why does it involve her and Finn quitting New Directions?

karenb283: "I think she is going to try and get Finn to sleep with her and pull the 'I am pregnant' card again to get him to stay. That in my mind would be the only way that Finn would give up glee club."

Paola Sales Rabago, via facebook: "Make sure [New Directions] loses to [Vocal Adrenaline]? First, I'm not sure if this is true, but I read somewhere that a member of ND will be locked out of the theater on the day of the competition. Second, maybe she'll try to make friends with Jesse and they will plan something to make sure that Finn and Rachel won't get back together. Third, she'll probably go to VA and tell them their set list so they won't win Nationals."

Again, I'm not sure Jesse's that evil ... oh, right, he's virtually back with Rachel. Riiight. But about the third point: Sunshine is singing an original song tonight. What else explains this? Anyway, continue.

@gleekfan96: "Seeing Beth."

Michelle van Gerven, via Facebook: "Isn't it fair to assume that Shelby would've moved back to New York after adopting Beth? But seeing as Idina Menzel isn't on the guest star list that one is out, I guess."

pinkty: "I think that Quinn is going to be nice for a change and do something for Rachel and Finn. In the spoiler pictures, there was a scene where Finn and Rachel do a mini-wedding, so maybe she is the planner of that."

Auguste Lykes, via Facebook: "She probably tries to pull a big move like a backflip, then she busts ass."

@iamlordvoldy: "Wait, it's not her getting a haircut?"

All The Other New York Bits

Chord Overstreet says that tonight's episode is quite loaded, especially with all the relationship bits, plus Will potentially leaving, plus actual Nationals to deal with (and that includes that "unscripted" thing that we've been teased about in the promos). So, in my usual disorganized fashion, it's time to address all the other questions we asked last week, in one proverbial pot. First question's an obvious one: Will New Directions win this time?

Cassandra Kollar, via Facebook: "I damn well hope so, but something tells me all the cattyness will catch up with them."

Jessie Thomas, via Facebook: "They don't have to win Nationals. The original arrangement was to place at regionals, which they did. I think they will come in second or third."

@RenateHarris: "It would be great if they did, but then they would no longer be the underdogs we root for. How would that change things for them?"

Next question: Quinn isn't the only one with plans in New York -- it's safe to say Finn has one too. The indecisive quarterback has decided to make a move on Rachel again:

Allie Buchanan, via Facebook: "Well, it's obvious. He bought her a flower and then Jesse had to ruin it and kiss her! Jesse only cares about himself. Finn truly loves her."

Luvliacd: "I wish Finn would make up his mind. He saw fireworks when kissing Quinn and couldn't say the same for Rachel but now he wants her back."

NicoleStafford2: "Of course, Finn never said he didn't experience fireworks with Rachel. [She] just didn't let him finish after she asked him so we never got an answer."

alegna301: "I hate that Finn is in love again with Rachel. Man, there are no other stories?"

And finally, what's the thing that happens during New Directions' performance -- remember the promo, where Jesse and Will talk about something being unscripted?

Auguste Lykes: "I bet Quinn pantses Finn."

Paola Sales Rabago: "Either she does something to Rachel after the performance ... or she goes and kisses Finn or something."

Auguste Lykes: "Or she pushes Artie off stage!"

Is Quinn really that evil, gleeks? Tell me it's just the seven-year itch!

Next Week's Talking Points

It's the Glee season finale. They're in New York. They're competing in Nationals. Things will happen. I'm hearing a lot of cliffhangers will happen. And I'm hearing we'll hear nine songs in tonight's episode, including at least three original songs! Go check out the photos here, and check out a quick clip here.

As for us here at BuddyTV, well, we'll have loads more Glee coverage wrapping up the season, including our list of the year's best quotes and performances. And then, next week, I'll be back for another installment of Gleeks React, where we make sense of all that's happened. Until then, get talking to us on Facebook and Twitter, and I'll see you tonight, gleeks!

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