Gleeks React: The Things That Make 'Glee' Sexy
Gleeks React: The Things That Make 'Glee' Sexy
It's another week of Glee conversation, lovingly compiled from your replies on BuddyTV, Twitter and Facebook.

And yes, you're right, there was no new Glee episode last week, but that doesn't mean we should stop talking about it, right? We're still getting some reaction from "Blame It on the Alcohol," but mostly you were excited about tonight's episode, simply named "Sexy." Well, that's mostly because we asked you about the things that make Glee sexy. (Yes, it's possible to put those two words in one sentence.) Just a little fun thing to tide us over. We figured it'd put us in the right frame of mind for tonight. Fingers crossed it works. So, shall we?

Let's Have a Party, Rachel Berry!

Our first question came from the heels of "Blame It on the Alcohol" and how fun the party seemed, at least before the collective hang over: Which Glee character would you like to party with?

Surprisingly, most of you want to party with Rachel. Yes, Rachel, that girl who proudly exclaimed that alcohol "tastes like PINK!" I guess you love her more than her friends at New Directions do. And I also guess you're willing to let her odd sense of style slip. The (former) Cheerio threesome of Quinn, Santana and Brittany came in tied for second. On to your explanations:

@Belx2: "Blaine and Rachel! The others just kept on snogging ... Mercedes was cute, though. Kurt would be fun to disco with."

@SupernaturalGuy: "Drunk Rachel was crazzzy."

And the Sexiest Glee Cast Member Is ...

Our second question's more straightforward: Who's the sexiest actor on Glee? I was seriously expecting someone to mention Matthew Morrison's name, but I guess his character was too creepy to be sexy.

This one's a closer battle, at least between the frontrunners. Mark Salling and Dianna Agron were tied for second place. They were just a few votes behind Naya Rivera. I cannot complain about that result -- I definitely agree! More explanations, then?

@A_Reis12: "Dianna Agron. Easily. Sexiest person in the world!"

@CorbinC2009: "[It's] very easy. Too easy, actually. It's Naya Rivera by a landslide. She is easily one of the sexiest women alive!"

Ashley Nicole Collins, off Facebook: "Oh my gosh, Sam! But Mike is such a close second!"

Glee's Sexiest Moments So Far

Finally we asked for your picks on what could be Glee's sexiest moment ... so far. Half of the list we came up with were your suggestions, and I'll have to say it's a pretty interesting bunch. 

With that, cue Glee's sexiest moments so far. Mostly it's Brittany or Santana, which pretty much affirms the results I mentioned earlier. Did we miss anything?

The Other Bits We Have to Mention

WHAT'S UP WITH "ANIMAL"? This week's Glee has yet to air, but it seems not all of you are fond of the songs. BuddyTV user lufsupernatural isn't keen on Chris Colfer and Darren Criss' take on Neon Trees' "Animal." "I love that song, and [their version] was sugary pop yuckness." But most of you seem to be enjoying Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holliday.

WHAT'S WITH ALL THE HATE? BuddyTV user carmabelle asked in last week's Gleeks React: "Why do you only post haters' comments?" Actually, I didn't -- but that's most of the comments I saw last time, and I try to be representative of everybody. Maybe if there's overwhelming love for tonight's episode, you'll see a lot of love on next week's compilation?

This Week's Talking Points

All that sexy talk brings us to tonight's Glee episode, "Sexy." Gwyneth Paltrow swings by to talk about the birds and the bees, John Stamos returns to talk about pie, and the rest of New Directions get a little rattled by the fact. Check out the photos for tonight's ep as well as the preview clips.

Also, you must've heard of Darren Criss confirming plans to release a CD of all the Warblers' performances. Will you buy it? Have your say, and we'll have your best responses next week!

With that, let's gently celebrate the fact that Glee is back. Talk to you tonight, gleeks!

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