Gleeks React: Remembering Chord Overstreet's Interrupted 'Glee' Stint
Gleeks React: Remembering Chord Overstreet's Interrupted 'Glee' Stint
When Glee wrapped up its second season last May, they hinted that New Directions as we know it won't last forever, when Rachel started talking about her New York plans when she graduates from McKinley High.

A few weeks ago, the show's producers confirmed that some of the cast will indeed graduate at the end of the third season, triggering a lot of talk about who'll leave, who'll stay and who'll take over, either from The Glee Project or elsewhere.

Back then I was thinking, "Oh, it shouldn't be much of a problem." I thought the writers had some sort of succession plan ready: a bunch of new faces from TGP, maybe Blaine (who's inevitably moving to New Directions), maybe Brittany (who's inevitably going to be held back a year), and definitely Sam, who joined the glee club at the start of the second season.

I felt frustrated when it was announced that Chord Overstreet was leaving the show. Sure, he wasn't given much to do in the show, but after a Mercedes/Sam romance was hinted at in the season finale, I thought he'll finally get his time in the spotlight -- and I'm not counting "Trouty Mouth" and his failed dalliance with Quinn. But, instead, they dropped Overstreet, and I realized that the writers don't have any bleeping idea what to do.

This being an emergency installment of Gleeks React, where I canvas your reactions on Twitter, Facebook, and here on BuddyTV, I'll say that pretty much all of you agree with me.

jadelovesoth: "This is terrible. Ryan Murphy has obviously no idea what he is doing. I think the only person in need of getting the boot is Ryan Murphy himself."

Winee: "No more Glee for me, please. I was planning on checking out the first couple of episodes, but what for now, since they got rid of the only character which wasn't totally screwed, ignored (at least he had some storylines unlike Tina) or gay (which, in the world of Glee, is apparently a big issue)."

So why does this look bad on the Glee writers? My colleague John Kubicek pointed out one thing Ryan Murphy said during the recent installment of The Glee Project: "He suggested in last week's episode that if a character has nothing wrong with them or if they seem too normal, then he can't write for them and they have no place on the show." Thus, Sam surviving high school like the rest of us isn't acceptable on the show.

Grace Henderson, via Facebook: "Wasn't [Glee] supposed to be [about] accepting people no matter what? Now it's like they're only accepted and written for if there's something wrong with them. Well, guess what? There are a lot of people in this world who are just normal, no major issues or hang-ups. That's just the way it is."

realwriter24: "Sam is the one character who you could always count on to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons... Is it really that difficult for Hollywood writers to imagine there might be an audience out there who connects with that kind of character?"

Thus, Tina not getting much of a storyline? Sure, she's Asian, but her relationship with Mike is growing steady. Unlike Sam, whose relationship with Mercedes was nipped in the bud.

DailaBergen3: "I thought the writers would make him more interesting. Somehow. Well, Sam and Mercedes was a start."

Juliana Lemaire, via Facebook: "Him and Mercedes would've been the cutest couple! It would've been awesome just to see his character grow some more."

Melkee: "To be honest, I was not much of a Chord Overstreet fan. But, I was beginning to warm up to him ... I thought the Samcedes story was promising and the Sam character just needed some tweaking as it was showing some promise. Darn! What a waste of potential!"

Foreverwolf: "They sort of ended a story line before it really had a chance to begin, and I know a lot of us were happy that Mercedes finally had a beau of her own. I like how supportive he was of Kurt. He'll be missed."

On the bright side, Overstreet will be returning for occasional guest spots in the third season, but perhaps only to wrap up his storylines: a final goodbye to Mercedes, an explanation as to why he's leaving...

Izabela Tarnicka, via Facebook: "I think they will say he needed to move with his family because of their financial problems. That's the simplest and easiest to believe explanation on why he's transferring to another school."

@daynalh: "Since Sam's family is currently homeless, they'll have to move for work."

Brynne Starkid Forest, via Facebook: "Hmm... his parents could win the lottery?"

JenniferHannah2: "I'm totally blanking on the name of the guy who played Matt, but they better not write off Chord's Sam the same way."

(By the way, that's Dijon Talton, who played Matt "Shaft" Rutherford in season 1. Whoops, sorry for interrupting, continue...)

JenniferHannah2: "[He] better at least get a few episodes to guest star, especially the first few episodes back, so that he can be properly written out of Glee, because that's just completely ridiculous that they're just going to carve out another character between seasons."

Enough of the gloating, then. What's your favorite Sam Evans moment?

Laine Brown, via Facebook: "I love the scene where the glee club gets him his guitar back. Great emotional scene for Sam."

@agataomarchio: "My favorite Sam moment was [in] the last episode of the season with Mercedes... they are so cuuuute!"

Auguste Lykes, via Facebook: "'Lucky'."

Michelle van Gerven, via Facebook: "'Friday'. Nice and campy performance."

Megan Slavich, via Facebook: "'Trouty Mouth'."

@CJHE1: "'I don't know. I've never had any balls in my mouth. You?'  That made me laugh out loud."

And with that, a final word from your truly: Goodbye, Sam Evans. We hardly knew ye, but we really wanted to, even if you didn't turn out to be Kurt's boyfriend, and even if you broke my heart by being so adorable with Quinn. I guess, in the end, you were doing so well the writers decided you didn't fit their freak show.

Yes, I'm calling Glee that. A freak show I can't stop watching.

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