Gleeks React: Out of the Closet and Into the Fire
Gleeks React: Out of the Closet and Into the Fire
Thanks to that spoiling extra, we know Kurt was named Prom Queen in last week's Glee way, way long ago. But that's not exactly what we're going to discuss in this week's Gleeks React.

You see, that move had repercussions, and lots of it. Is McKinley High ready to see an out and proud Kurt? We're not sure -- some of you still believed that him being voted as prom queen was all a joke. "They whispered behind his back and made him Prom Queen," BuddyTV user Issanika said. "They haven't been brave enough to deal with it... [They] had no other option than accept Kurt's coronation and pretend that they're happy for him."

But the whole Prom Queen thing opened a really big debate. Kurt's out and proud: does he deserve to be bullied for it? Should he tone it down and blend in like Blaine and Karofsky did? What about Karofsky -- should he deny who he really is to himself, for appearances' sake? (And what about Santana?) I guess this is what Ryan Murphy wanted us to do -- a discussion on embracing yourself! And that's where we kick off this week's Gleeks React.

The Consequences of Kurt's Actions

Kurt's giddy to be in prom, so he plans to make a statement out of his outfit. Blaine and Burt would rather he tone it down and not risk attracting too much attention: he refused. And then he gets named Prom Queen, and feels all bad, but decides to revel in the moment. And then he gets to dance with the Prom King, Karofsky -- and then Kurt tells him that it's the best moment to come out as gay. Karofsky, of course, runs away, never mind their encounter earlier in the episode, where he basically says he's having a hard time playing the straight guy ruse. Or he's still feeling guilty about bullying Kurt.

If you check out our recap of last week's ep, you'll realize that this whole thing about Kurt's actions is a complicated one -- much like in real life. Even this had me thinking: so I was bullied in high school because I acted differently, but was it because I was shoving myself down their throats, or because they just don't get me? It's a discussion that'll take us forever, so for brevity's sake, your best points from last week:

9lil6: "Bullying is wrong, no matter the cause. Kurt is picked on not only for his sexuality, but also for his individuality. He doesn't dress like other boys, doesn't talk like other boys. He's feminine, he's flamboyant, he likes to sing and dance. So what, that gives others the right to hurt him? Is that what you're saying?"

northboy69: "Diversity? You bring (bleep) on yourself if you can't or won't conform, right? And really, after not slinking away into the shadows learning the lesson that you will be humiliated for embracing and celebrating your difference -- because, really, there is no line between those things and mocking -- inviting someone to come out is the real bullying."

bmyspaced: "Glee's argument is that it's great to be yourself, but be advised of the consequences that come with being yourself. The show outlines the many perils that gay people face, but makes the overall argument that being picked on is better than being in the closet."

CarolineRamos4: "'The kind of gay he is;' are you kidding me? Kurt should be able to dress the way he wants to and not be humiliated because of it. He wears who he is on his sleeve; so what? This world would be a much better place if more people had that kind of courage."

Issanika: "Glee is built ... to make us all start discussions about ourselves and others. That's what I love the most."

The Best and Worst of the Prom

A lighter topic, then: the prom itself. Anyone who's been to prom you know that it means any of three things: your outfit, your partner, or whether you can get your drink spiked. Last week's Glee certainly had that in spades. So, it's time to bring out the honors!

First off, the night's best-dressed:

@RenateHarris: "Puck-a-saurus! He was jamming in that black number!"

@misspriya29: "Definitely Mercedes and Rachel, considering they only spent a fiver."

Maria Denisse Salcedo, via Facebook: "Santana's dress was so great. The right dress for her! Red as she is!"

Kelly Sutton, via Facebook: "Santana and Kurt. All the others look like they got their stuff at Proms-R-Us."

@patrois87: "Kurt. Hands down. He looked amazing!"

Now, the night's best couple:

Carol Jean Kamenish, via Facebook: "Kurt and Blaine ... for their dignity and character!"

Jessie Thomas, via Facebook: "Kurt and Blaine win, but Sam and Mercedes come in close second. I just hate the Jesse/Rachel couple on principle..."

Cassandra Kollar, via Facebook: "Sam's been messed around with by Santana and Quinn and it would be (as far as I know) a first boyfriend for Mercedes. They both deserve a bit of romance and trust, something the skanky cheerleaders don't seem to get."

And finally, what about Puck, Sam and Artie's cover of Rebecca Black's "Friday"? 66% of you thought Glee made the song cool, with the rest thinking it still sucks anyway. And then there was that one vote who preferred the original.

Can We Still Trust Jesse?

Last week's Glee also saw the return of Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James, and while this means happy days for Rachel (and a kickass "Rolling in the Deep" cover) not everybody's fond of his return. I'm sure Finn isn't, judging from the fight they had at prom. And you, fellow gleek, didn't too:

DiddyFreemantle2: "I think (and hope) that he is up to no good. They need to have a real antagonist on the show. Sue is funny, but nothing she does does anything."

BellaCullen71: "I seriously think he will be up to some bad. Facing Vocal Adrenaline at Nationals soon is definitely his cue to come in."

@loan10lovesyou: "I don't know but I don't like him ... he egged Rachel!"

@enialuerawr143: "I loved Rachel and Jesse!"

But what will Jesse's return do to Rachel? Last week she got a pretty dramatic slap from Quinn -- a culmination of that feud between the two ladies over Finn -- but they seem to have patched up. Is it over? Is it safe to say that Rachel will be distracted enough to let Quinn have Finn?

@Niinou: "Finn will be back with Rachel and it will make Quinn hate Rachel even more!"

Mairin Monteath, via Facebook: "No. Too much of the show is based around them and with Finn, there'll always be trouble."

Next Week's Talking Points

Now it's time to talk about tonight's Glee, which sees Jesse settle into his position as New Directions' "show choir consultant" -- and pretty much tear apart the glee club. And then there's Sue and her nefarious plans again. Oh, right, and someone will die.

While you wait for the new episode, why not check out some of our theme ideas for Glee's third season? (I like John's Mika suggestion.) Also, why not talk to us over our Twitter page and our Facebook page? We're always there after the episode airs, and throughout the week: we'll talk about what happened and the best replies will make it to next week's Gleeks React. That said, until tonight, gleeks!

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