Gleeks React: Our Wish List For What's Left of Season 2
Gleeks React: Our Wish List For What's Left of Season 2
We! Are! Back!

After more than a month of waiting, Glee returns tonight with the first of the second season's final six episodes. That's six and-a-half hours ("Born This Way" is 90 minutes long, remember?) of preparation for Nationals, of the prom, of Quinn and Rachel fighting for Finn, of Kurt and Blaine and Karofsky, of Will and Holly and maybe Emma, and of course, Sue and her bagel-less Legion of Doom.

Yep, that is a lot of story to squeeze in six episodes, and considering how past episodes have gone, well, who's expecting things to turn out just fine? Actually, we are -- Glee's last two episodes were really good, and my fingers are crossed that the hot streak continues tonight, despite the hiatus.

So, to mark the occasion, I'm back to compiling your responses to our questions over the past month, both on BuddyTV, on Facebook and on Twitter. Ready, gleeks? I'm serving bagels!

The Things We Want To See On Glee

Glee's next six episodes may be set in stone, but that doesn't stop us from hoping to see certain things on the show! Bring on your wishes and aspirations, as delivered to Glee's very own dairy deity, Grilled Cheesus.

Dear Grilled Cheesus, when Jesse St. James returns, please make him...

Michelle van Gerven, via Facebook: "Sing-off with Finn, 4pm, in the parking lot! That'll teach that Frankenteen not to mess with Rachel (and Quinn)!"

@CA90046: "... finally air [his and Rachel's] 'Hello Twelve' from A Chorus Line."

@Keiks_:"... love Rachel forever and ever. They are the real deal."

DiddyFreemantle2: "I hope he doesn't get back with her. First of all, that makes the show very unrealistic. I don't know how they do it in those schools but in mine, when you have an ugly with someone you don't get back together with them. Second, Jesse and Rachel are a terrible couple."

Maria Denise Salcedo, via Facebook: "[I] don't think he should come back. He's mean."

Dear Grilled Cheesus, please make [character] and [character] split up.

@MyNamesTravis: "Brittany and Artie."

Paige Young, via Facebook: "Definitely Santana and Sam!"

@paupau79: "Quinn and Finn."

Mikalah Kendrick Byrne, via Facebook: "Finn and Quinn!"

@crazyzoe96: "Please, I can't stand Finn and Quinn! Bring Finchel back!"

Dear Grilled Cheesus, if you could keep only one couple together, please let it be...

Nadia Silva, via Facebook: "Quinn and Puck. Actually, get them together first."

@rilez_amy: "Finn and Rachel. They're perfect for each other!"

Problem is, they're not together at the moment. But I must point out, half of the gleeks who answered our question wanted to see Finn and Rachel back. The other half?

Tasha Koran, via Facebook: "Kurt and Blaine."

Meagan Snow, via Facebook: "Kurt and Blaine!"

70% of you want to see the new couple make it to the third season, according to a poll we posted on Facebook. 14% of you wanted to see Puck and Lauren stay together (although a good number want them apart), while 13% want Brittany and Artie to stay.

Which Character Deserves More Screen Time?

But perhaps the most important question (at least to me) is this: Which Glee character deserves his/her own time in the sun? With six episodes, a lot of storylines and seemingly more guest stars, some of the New Directions kids are virtually demoted to background players. I listed three characters who should get more space on the show. What about you?

Braid7: "More Puck would be great. He can outsing Finn standing on his head but [he] doesn't get that many solos. I would, however, also add that I would watch an entire episode of Darren Criss on his own singing the phone book, so maybe I haven't got the best sense of perspective!"

LorLupin2: "I think that Coach Beiste needs a little bit more screen time since her character is so awesome."

mrkiii: "All of the characters have been submerged in a gelatinous relationship goo, and swapped around till almost any pairing feels incestuous. I think Glee's best bet to return to its first season strength is to graduate most of its cast and start over with fresh faces."

"Friday" We'll Be Over You

But just when things are looking up for Glee, we hear that the show is planning to cover Rebecca Black's "Friday". Needless to say, we panicked, simply because the song is just shudder-worthy. Fellow gleek John Kubicek has another take: Glee should stop jumping on bandwagons for the sake of being pop culture-worthy. "I don't want to see Glee turn into a silly pop culture show that only adds pointless stars or songs for the sake of hitting a Twitter trending topic," he wrote. Over to you, gleek population:

gypsipup: "This show sucks already! If they do 'Friday', it'll suck worse!"

wildlark: "Maybe Glee can get away with making a few references or jokes to it, but that's it. Covering it would be pointless and will lead to the show's downfall."

Moonflower: "I'm so annoyed Glee is doing 'Friday'. I'm tired of songs that aren't interesting, and I'm tired of plots which just get forgotten, and then make no sense."

InProduction23: "[Stephen] Colbert and [Jimmy] Kimmel made the song palatable when they covered it. I'm interested in seeing what happens when folks who can actually sing and perform cover this trainwreck."

FlecherandFriend: "I'll wait to pass judgment. Recent episodes have been much stronger than the start of the season, and maybe they plan to get it in a funny joke way, not as a legit song."

(May I suggest that, if Glee wants to cover a song with the word "Friday" in it, that they do this instead? Maybe I should send that request to Grilled Cheesus.)

This Week's Talking Points

Enough with the negativity, though -- let's spend our time crossing our fingers that tonight's Glee is as good as what came before it. "Night of Neglect" is shaping up to be like that. For me, it's the decision to cover songs from underrated artists. Maybe for you it's the return of Terri and Sandy, or Sunshine, or Holly. Or maybe it's just because there are just too many gleeky questions in your head that can only be answered with a new episode. Are Will and Holly on? Will Quinn be prom queen? Will there be another Kurt/Blaine kiss? Ah, next six episodes, be nice to us.

As always, we'll have more updates and conversation over on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Until tonight, gleeks!

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