Gleeks React: New Directions or the Warblers?
Gleeks React: New Directions or the Warblers?
Tuesday means another new episode of Glee -- and, for me, another week of compiling all your thoughts, through BuddyTV, Facebook and Twitter, on last week's Glee.

It's time for Regionals once again, which means a smattering of songs and a very important question: Will New Directions finally win this year?

Oh, how I wish it was that easy to say yes, but unlike last year, when their biggest competition was Vocal Adrenaline, this year McKinley High's glee club faces one of their own: the Dalton Academy Warblers, featuring Kurt Hummel. Suddenly we have two teams who we want to win so badly, the choice gets confusing.

But first, we have a really important question from last week's episode.

What's Next for Santana and Brittany?

While we here at BuddyTV were relieved that last week's Glee was an episode we could love, we were also faced with a pretty big question ourselves: What's next for Santana and Brittany? Yep, the couple had a breakthrough -- what seemed like another case of friends with benefits got just a bit more complicated after Santana poured her heart out, admitting that she's being a bitch because she can't deal with her love to Brittany. And what does she get in return? Brittany rejecting her -- because she can't leave Artie.

Yes, we all worried about the other Glee couples (Finn and Rachel split up! Quinn and Sam split up! Puck and Lauren aren't splitting up!) but it seems the Brittana storyline struck a chord deep within.

kurtluver: "I was in tears myself when Santana took a huge chance and told Brittany her true feelings ... She realized what she was doing was wrong all this time and I want her to be happy. They should be together. If Kurt can be gay, Santana can be [a] lesbian."

Faith417: "I think there is still hope. They've been super close throughout the series so far, and I think they complement each other so well. It might not happen right away, but I really hope these two end up together!"

Tina6242: "I truly believe that she loves Brittany, [and] she needs to continue to fight for her. I really cannot wait to see where this goes because as of right now that's the most interesting part of Glee for me."

Or maybe the question should be: Will the Glee writers continue with the story line? We all know the show's tendency: Do something significant to a character one week, and act like nothing happened the next week.

insert_wit_here: "If the Glee writers are smart, they'll expand on it in coming episodes. That's how they developed such a strong fan base for (and against) Finchel ... They need to make people love Santana/Brittany the same way they do Finchel if we're supposed to take it seriously."

wildlark: "I love Brittana, but also (to my surprise) I love Bartie. At this point, I can't tell if the show will expand on the story so much that it feels like it's being shoved in our face, or if it'll just drop it."

Next question: What should Santana do next? My colleague John Kubicek came up with three options: unleash her good side, go for Artie or become a skank like nothing happened. Oh, I hope it isn't the third option ...

RoxannaLock2: "Santana should stay evil and manipulative, otherwise she will be boring. I also think that getting her together with Brittany will also be boring and predictable."

ananapooh: "The smart option would be for her to try and break Artie and Brittany up because that's what Santana would do: She would find a way to get what she wants."

@rebekahbryan: "She should be neither. Yes, she's mean, but she should be portrayed as a real person with real feelings, just like the others are."

CarolineRamos4: "They can do with Santana what they do with Sue: Make her a funny combination of both."

Team New Directions or Team Warblers?

Now that's done, let's talk about tonight's face-off. Who should win tonight's regionals: New Directions or the Warblers?

@christina5x5: "New Directions, always. I don't even love the Warblers. I just love Darren Criss."

@OMGitsJAG: "Team New Directions, duh! Especially with original songs coming out!"

@paupau79: "Duh! Warblers need some time to shine!"

Jodie93: "Is it wrong that I actually want the Warblers to win Regionals? I just love the Kurt and Blaine dynamic."

Yep, you guys were pretty split on who you want to win Regionals. But the question this whole debacle poses proves interesting. Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy said months ago that the second season will end with Nationals in New York, so how will the show get there?

SarahPatel: "As for who's winning Regionals, I think it'll be New Directions, otherwise Nationals is pointless for the show unless they all join the Warblers or something. Or the writers will cop out again and make them tie -- but that would be silly."

ErikEvans: "[New Directions] will obviously go up against Vocal Adrenaline at Nationals. That was always the plan. I also think that's why we'll get so much Warblers in this episode. ND will most likely win, so this is probably the last we'll see of the Warblers, except for Blaine and Kurt, of course."

Well, even if the Warblers lose, they'll still have a spot in your hearts: 47 percent of you would buy the proposed Warblers CD, according to a poll we posted last week. To quote BuddyTV user angelkirie: "I'd rather own a Warblers album than the normal Glee albums."


LOVE GWYNETH OR HATE GWYNETH? We're not so split on this one: Informal polling (read: counting the votes on Twitter and Facebook) reveals that 72% of you loved Gwyneth Paltrow's guest stints on Glee. But BuddyTV user alisonfaith297 doesn't like the idea of guest stars altogether: "Every time they come in, it's like the producers just forget about the whole cast except a few characters and focus all the attention on [the guest star]."

LAUREN AND PUCK MAKE YOU A LITTLE DIZZY: Mairin Monteath off Facebook says she'll never warm to the newest couple in McKinley High: "I know that [Lauren's] probably the first one to make [Puck] think of going one-woman, but is he doing it because he likes her or for a challenge?"

CAN QUINN GET THE QUARTERBACK AGAIN? Yes, we're all not happy with Quinn playing the (relatively) promiscuous girl just so she can become popular again, especially after the last scene in last week's ep with her and Finn in bed. In the words of Facebook fan Michelle van Gerven: "Finally Quinn seemed to be a real character, and even Finn didn't annoy me as he normally did now that he owned up to being a douche bag instead of pretending to be the good guy, and then we get this!"

This Week's Talking Points

Whose turn is it in the spotlight at regionals tonight? Will it be (shudder) Sue's Aural Intensity? How will Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine do as judges? Who's going to die? Does anybody even care about that at this point?

Anyway, we have the list of songs for tonight's episode here, and there are a lot. Might as well, because there won't be a new Glee episode next week, or the week after that. Yes, another Glee hiatus. Suddenly I'm hoping for a New Directions win, just so it's worth the wait ... that said, talk to you tonight, gleeks!

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