Gleeks React: Justin Bieber, Lauren Zizes and Lessons from 'One Tree Hill'
Gleeks React: Justin Bieber, Lauren Zizes and Lessons from 'One Tree Hill'
Get your ceremonial slushies: It's the second installment of Gleeks React, where we take the past gleeky week in perspective and get your reactions on the burning questions we posed here on BuddyTV and on our Facebook page.

Last week was all about Justin Bieber -- and no, we're not just talking about the fact that he's everywhere lately. His songs were on Glee, which meant we had guys wearing the hoodies and donning the bangs so girls can fawn over them -- yet another step backward for the feminists. Fine, it was because Sam felt he was losing Quinn, especially after her dilly-dallying with Finn the week before. But after learning the truth from Santana, he promptly cut things off.

Lessons from that episode: Bieber will not rekindle your relationship, and it takes more than a kiss to remove a gum ball from someone's windpipe. On to your reactions, then.

Are You Down With The Justin Bieber Experience?

When I first heard that Glee would tackle a couple of Justin Bieber songs, I yelled out in protest. Sure, they clarified that it's no a tribute along the lines of "The Power of Madonna," but I still yelled out in protest. I never really liked that kid. And yet, I watched last week's episode, and felt it missed the point -- but for a completely different reason. We were split on this one, although the dislikes were not necessarily because of the Biebs:

ruudisss: "I really liked this episode! It just had this vibe of not being too serious, and it didn't try to teach a lesson to anyone! For reasons unknown, I hate when Glee makes the lesson episodes."

Winee: "This episode was [worse] than I thought it's gonna be. Even when I put my Bieber-no-fever aside the songs just didn't fit my taste. Not even Mercedes could gear me up."

TeNinChErOgirl84: "The Glee covers of Justin's songs were much better than his originals. I loved the episode. It was cute."

FawliOng: "This episode was a whole bunch of product placement for Bieber's movie. Sheesh!"

AngieG: "The Bieber thing is just not enough to hold an episode together, especially when people who don't know who he is are also watching (read: above 18 years old)."

Right, the major plot points of the episode -- the whole Sam-tries-to-win-Quinn-back-but-splits-up-with-her-anyway bit -- didn't really go well with you guys.

DiddyFreeman: "I have to admit to hating Rachel throughout most of Glee, but I like her now and hate Finn. I think the editors have totally thrown out the first season because if a girlfriend cheated on a guy, most of the guys would not go back to the girl."

BillyFitzgerald2: "I didn't really understand how Santana went from being Sam's mistress to full-on dating. The Glee writers are sometimes all over the place."

Now that we're done with that kid, which teen icon (not necessarily the present) should we take on? Melissa Yaniro over on our Facebook page has a marvelous idea: "They should do a whole boy band episode. [Backstreet Boys], N'Sync and New Kids on the Block."

What Do You Think Of Lauren Zizes?

At least last week's episode had some shining points, and I'm not referring to Mike's abs. It's a certain Goth wrestler slash closet romantic named Lauren Zizes.

TVinsomniac: "Lauren's song was the savior of the night."

Oh, and yes, I love her. I said that two weeks ago. What about you?

StepfordCuckoos: "[She's] the kind of character that would've made life in high school more interesting."

ZoeZoeA: "She's funny, and it's nice to see a plus-sized girl who isn't constantly worrying about her weight."

BethanyWeathers2: "I want so badly to like her, but there's just something about her that I can't see past. I wish I knew what it was."

What Can Glee Learn From One Tree Hill?

Anybody who's watched Glee really closely knows that the show can be uneven, and last week's episode was proof. When my colleague John Kubicek wrote about the lessons Glee can pick up from One Tree Hill -- it's still going strong despite eight seasons and some of its big names leaving -- you took the chance to point out just what the former isn't getting right:

ocfreak: "I love how One Tree Hill is still enjoyable. The simplicity makes it beautiful. The stories [and] the dialogue warm my heart. That is very rare for a show in its eighth season. And as a Glee fan, I'm disappointed more every week. It feels like there's no story left to tell and like they're pushing too hard."

ToddWinNC: "I don't see this show lasting eight years. Once it's no longer a 'fad,' people will realize how badly-written these characters are. Eventually, people will get tired of Sue Sylvester. I did, very fast."

RosieCarlisle: "Glee could learn a thing or two from any show, because no show is written worse than Glee."

But yes, as expected, you're all split on this one:

Hollowpromise: "I disagree with the adult plot lines. The less plot lines the better for Schue. He is embarrassing and his plot lines always end with him acting inappropriately."

AntonioRodriguez: "I'd rather see that Sue has [another] side, instead of being the typical 'I'm bad because I'm bad.'"

Rebeccamckeever2: "I don't want adult storylines. Will, Carole, Burt -- I don't like these people and there's so many kids. [I'd] rather watch them. We don't get enough as it is, no need to pollute it with adult rubbish, especially if they're going to phase the cast out!"

The Bits We Have To Mention But Have Little Space For

HOW MUCH TOP 40 CAN YOU HANDLE? We have this interesting discussion on Facebook about how Glee can give their spin on a Ke$ha song. This led to Crystal Valerie Hong pleading: "I wish they would stop with all the Top 40 songs! It's getting tiring and annoying." But Kristopher Lee wants to sit back and wait, since the show "makes anything sound pretty good."

KURT AND EMMA ARE MISSING IN ACTION: Kurt's moved to Dalton, while Emma got married, and since then we've seen them less. "I was just disappointed there was no Kurt in this episode, and the show definitely seems to be pushing Emma out," StepfordCuckoos said. "I kinda miss seeing her pamphlets and her general cuteness." Sure, I think we'll see more Emma in the coming weeks -- but why is nobody looking for Terri? Am I the only one?

AND THE WINNER OF OUR GRAMMY SHOWDOWN IS ... Lady Antebellum! Well, to be exact, Rachel and Puck's cover of the big Grammy winner's "Need You Now" led the poll for your favorite Grammy-nominated Glee song. The Warblers' "Teenage Dream" came in second, while the classic "Don't Stop Believin'" -- which lost the Grammy to Train -- came in third. Check out the results here!

This Week's Talking Points

Glee returns tonight with a few bottles of beer, that Ke$ha song and the "Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza" -- which shouldn't be a train wreck for some, since they get some loving. Drunk loving, sure, but Rachel and Blaine probably don't mind ... although I'm sure you do. I expect that to be a big talking point this week.

Check out our preview of "Blame It On The Alcohol," and be sure to talk to us over on Facebook and Twitter. Talk to you tonight, gleeks!

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