Gleeks React: Finn and Quinn, Creepy Blaine and Your Favorite 'Glee' Couple
Gleeks React: Finn and Quinn, Creepy Blaine and Your Favorite 'Glee' Couple
Jazz hands, gleeks! Welcome to the very first edition of Gleeks React, where we here at BuddyTV collect your best reactions and opinions from the week's Glee in a single click and a couple of scrolls.

The past week was essentially a Glee love fest. We had two new episodes in one week: the Super Bowl spectacular with a kick-ass mashup and a Valentine's day episode, which I thought was as good as some of the show's early episodes. But it seems not all of you agree.

Was "Silly Love Songs" Creepy?

Last week my colleague John Kubicek described Glee's Valentine's episode, "Silly Love Songs", as "one big horror show." Sure, there's Lauren and Santana's fight and Tina's uncomfortable meltdown, but the creepiest part was when the Warblers instigated a "Gap attack" and sang to the store's junior manager -- because Blaine wanted to be with him. What ideally was a romantic gesture ended up getting Blaine's crush fired. Some of you agreed:

bwbokla: "Glee totally went way into the 'creep factor' with that singer/stalker behavior by Blaine. Keep that up and he'll be a registered sex offender. Put that into a Glee number: 'You're just too good to be true, can't keep my hands off of you ...' Yuck."

lonestarjrs: "Puck wooing that fat chick was god-awful and creepy, but it's no surprise. The creator [Ryan Murphy] is the same guy who wrote Nip/Tuck, so creepy is his middle name."

And some of you, well, didn't:

dman747707: "For me this was a pretty typical Glee episode, so I enjoyed it. It was funny, and I'm pretty sure the same amount of people would be complaining if it over-romanticized Valentine's Day as well."

ErikEvans: "This was one of Glee's best episodes. I had a smile throughout the whole thing. It seems that as the show gets wackier people start taking it more seriously. You're not supposed to overanalyze it. Just enjoy it for its craziness!"

Hollowpromise: "For the first time in a while, I enjoyed Glee. The last two eps [are] what I prefer to see. It's been so bad recently. It's nice to see it improve."

Should Finn Take Quinn Back?

Last week's episodes revolved around Finn and Quinn. Quinn realizes she might still be in love with Finn, after he stands up for her and all -- this, after he tells her that she's much stronger than her decision to quit glee club for the Cheerios. Really? That's pretty much what most of you gleeks thought -- except, of course, for the Fuinn shippers:

lufsupernatural: "I thought Quinn was getting better, but [by cheating] she's doing exactly what she did to Finn with Puck -- to Sam! Stuuuuupid."

mia_jones: "She needs to be single for a while because, clearly, she is pretty messed up and keeps cheating on all of her boyfriends. Hopefully, she dates Puck once she grows up a bit."

joyceheinen3: "I liked Quinn and Finn together. I just don't like Rachel, at all. She was perfect for Jesse, because he was just as annoying as Rachel."

And then, when "Silly Love Songs" rolled in -- when Finn plotted to kiss Quinn to get her back, and fireworks exploded -- ahh, chaos!

Samantha0301: "I hated Finn in this episode. What a tool and a hypocrite. He shouldn't have crushed Rachel like that. Quinn is annoying as well because we haven't seen any growth in her character. Obviously."

JMPotter: "This story better end fast. I don't care at this point if Finchel does not reunite. I just don't think putting Quinn [and] Finn together makes any sense."

joannayap3: "Sam should totally be with Quinn. Quinn and Finn [are] boring."

So, to settle the score: Sam and Quinn, Finn and Quinn, or Finn and Rachel? Or, is there a fourth option?

Who's Your Favorite Glee Couple?

Our list of the 10 best Glee couples so far got a lot of responses, if only because of what proved to be a controversial choice for the top spot: Brittany and Artie. "At first it seemed like a joke, but the longer [they] stay together, the more adorable they are," fellow BuddyTV gleek Meghan Carlson wrote. Sigrid over on our Facebook page replies: "Bartie as the first couple? It's a joke?"

Here are some other readers' thoughts:

heathermiller8: "Artie pretty much is just being set up for heartbreak being Brittany's beard and all. Yes, I do admit they are cute at times, and while I adore both characters individually, they are better apart."

tutorwife93: "Brittany and Artie? They're dubbed 'Barfie' for a reason."

AnaGrilo: "They are cute, but that relationship has a lot of flaws, starting with why they got together in the first place. They're definitely not number 1 material."

cwfreak: "Artie and Brittany are totally the best together!"

And as for the other Glee pairs we put (or didn't put) on the list:

emmaluvglee: "You could at least mention Quinn. Quinn and Sam, Quinn and Finn, Quinn and Puck."

Llamanator7: "Wemma all the way! Not Cemma!"

BethanyWeathers2: "Kurt Coblaine better jump to number one once they become an official couple. But I do like Artie and Brittany. They are so sweetly cute."

DiddyFreemantle2: "How is [Klaine] not at the top? I hate Rachel and Jesse. I think that she totally betrayed him and then he was a jerk too, so that was a bad relationship."

OK, let's talk Klaine, then. At the end of "Silly Love Songs" the two moved one step further toward becoming a couple. Our final topic, then: Will these two ever become together?

Crystal Mudayh, via Facebook: "I think they won't because it would mess up their dynamic. Also, if they did it would be kind of awkward. Kind of cute but too obvious."

TeamEdwardandalsoaGleek: "In my opinion, Murphy is heading toward Kurt and Karofsky, and the fans are gonna be pissed!"

This Week's Talking Points

We can only squeeze so much into this space, and there's much more to talk about! Tonight's episode, "Comeback", sees Sue joining New Directions, and Sam wooing (woo!) Quinn back by singing (ugh) Justin Bieber songs. (See the photos, listen to the songs, and watch the videos.) And, also, there's Rachel attempting to become popular again -- like she ever will be -- which should make us wonder whether she's doing it for the love of Finn.

And, in non-love-related news, I set up a showdown pitting the songs that were performed on Glee and were also nominated for Grammys last Sunday.

You can also, as always, talk to us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. On that note, we'll see you later tonight!

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