Gleek Club: Vote Yay or Nay on All the 'Glee' Season 2 Scoop
Gleek Club: Vote Yay or Nay on All the 'Glee' Season 2 Scoop
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Shippers, singers and all my Glee obsessives, take a seat: I now call the first virtual meeting of BuddyTV's Gleek Club to order!

Ryan Murphy and his fellow Glee masterminds have been spilling lots of juicy details about season 2, and now it's your turn to respond to the spoilers, hints and rumors with our nifty little polling system. Which Glee-ful news is music to your ears, and which has you singing the blues? Check out all the scoop so far this summer, and vote below:

Item One: Rachel and Finn will stay together.
Ryan Murphy says: "Rachel and Finn broke up twice. So, let's keep them together--these two very different people--and let's really see how an entire season, if there's no breakup scenes, what does that couple look like at the end of the season?"

Item Two: Sue will go back to her roots. Her evil, evil roots.
Murphy says: "We want to go back to the mean Sue from the beginning. Keep her mean. Jane [Lynch] loves it. She will have her moments, but the reality is she's just not a particularly nice person."

Item Three: The return of Terri.
Murphy says: "She still loves Will and she's someone who doesn't like not getting what she wants." She'll also get a new man to make Will jealous: "Who is that person? It's not the principal, for one. We have a very narrow list of candidates."

Item Four: Expect more Brittany and Santana.
Murphy says: "Our plan is to really get deeper into the characters we have and and explore them."

Item Five: Javier Bardem WILL guest star.
Murphy says: "That's true. He said, 'I want to come on. Will you write me something?' How do you say no to Javier Bardem? We'll probably do it in the second half of the season."

Item Six: April Rhodes is coming back. Jesse St. James? Not so much.
Murphy says (about Kristin Chenoweth): " "Definitely coming back. We're getting ready to write that." About Jonathan Groff: ""He is doing a play in London 'til January. We always have a spot for Jon, but he's not in the country."

Item Seven: Glee's post-Superbowl episode will feature the tunes of a male superstar.
Murphy says: "... But for after the Super Bowl, we're doing a big artist who we're in negotiations with."

Item Eight: Season 2 will scale back on the songs.
Murphy says: "In the back nine, because Fox was so supportive, we were denied nothing. [We said], 'Let's go from five numbers to eight. Let's see how that feels'. We did that, and I think many of them were fun and really successful. But then what we realized is people love the numbers but they love the characters just as much. So in the second season we're going back to five numbers."

Didn't get your two cents all the way in? Consider the comments section your open forum, Gleeks. Until next time: Meeting adjourned.

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