'Glee' Wish List: 13 Things I Want to See in 2013
'Glee' Wish List: 13 Things I Want to See in 2013
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Glee went through a lot of transitions in 2012. The seniors graduated and scattered across the United States, Rachel and Kurt got an apartment in New York City, relationships ended, new ones began, a whole slew of new students entered the halls of McKinley High and New Directions lost at Sectionals.

What does 2013 have in store for Glee? Well, we already know that a Sadie Hawkins dance is on the horizon as is a Men of McKinley calendar, so clearly women are taking over and men are being objectified.

Since New Year's Eve is the time to make resolutions and predictions for the coming year, here are 13 hopes and dreams I have for the next year of Glee.

A Win for Finn

Finn has had a series of misfortunes when it comes to finding a purpose. He failed to get a football scholarship, he didn't get into the Actor's Studio, he got discharged from the Army and, as the director of New Directions, he lost at Sectionals and one of his singers got a pretty serious eating disorder because he let evil Kitty  into the group. In 2013 Finn needs to finds his purpose and actually succeed at something. I don't care if it's coming in first place in a pie-eating contest and becoming a world champion competitive eater, he just needs something.

More of Brody

OK, yes, part of me wants to be shallow and simply say that the fewer clothes he wears, the better. But just as important, I'd appreciate it if the show would flesh out his character's personality as well. What are his hopes and dreams? What would he be like just hanging out with Kurt sans Rachel? If he's going to be a part of Rachel's life (and it seems like he will for the foreseeable future), the show needs to give us more than just a hot dude.

New Love for Kurt and Blaine

I know Klaine fans will object, but these two broke up and decided to stay friends. So now it's time to move on and start dating.

Blaine as President

Remember when Blaine was elected senior class president because he wanted to actually do something and not be like Brittany, whose only accomplishment was a dino-prom? Well so far that's one more thing than Blaine has done.

Something for Tina to Do

Remember back in "Props" when Tina had a hissy fit because Rachel and the seniors were getting all the attention and she was promised that next year would be her time to shine? Well we're halfway into season 4 and Tina has had no major or minor storyline and the only solo she's had was in the fill-fated "Gangnam Style." I don't care if it's Tina going all Yentl and getting into Dalton as Timmy Cohen-Chang, just let her do something.

Santana vs. Sam

Unlike the Brittana fans, I'm happy for Sam and Brittany. I think they make a perfect couple. But how will Santana react knowing that Trouty Mouth is now dating the person she will always love the most? That's a confrontation I'm dying to see.

Kitty Exposed

After Marley fainted during Sectionals, Santana called out Kitty as the reason for Marley's eating disorder. But then no one followed up on that. Kitty needs to be exposed for the heartless, cruel sociopath that she is so she can get kicked out of New Directions, because forcing teenage girls to develop eating disorders is not something that should go unpunished.

A Lot More Sugar

Vanessa Lengies is one of the most delightfully funny people on Glee and Sugar Motta can be a hoot when she's on fire. Since I'm always praying for more comedy, giving Sugar a bigger role would go a long way to achieving that dream.

A Wemma Wedding

Will and Emma got engaged a year ago, so let's get moving on this wedding. They got over this Washington D.C. stumbling block, so now it should be smooth sailing to the wedding, where, I'm sure, New Directions will perform.

Wemma's Exes

The only thing that could ruin a Wemma wedding would be the arrival of their exes. And I think that's just the comedic punch that storyline could use. Imagine seeing both of Emma's ex-husbands (Coach Tanaka and Carl) turn up for Will's bachelor party. Or watching Terri and Holly Holiday trying to sabotage things to win Will back. The possibilities are endless.

The Identity of Sue's Baby Daddy

At the end of season 3 Sue promised to reveal her celebrity baby daddy in September. Well, it's 2013 and there's still no word on who fathered her child. Let's hope the Glee writers clear up that loose thread in the new year.

Congressman Burt Hummel?

One of my biggest Glee pet peeves (pet Gleeves?) is not knowing whether Burt Hummel is still in Congress. That whole election storyline seemed to be a big deal, but there has not been a single mention of it since.

Burt Hummel + Mama Rose

If there's one thing Glee does incredibly well, it's creating some of the most loving, nurturing and heartwarming parents every viewer wishes they had. Burt Hummel is, without a doubt, the best dad in the history of the universe, and Marley's mom is so supportive and optimistic it hurts. Just once I'd like to see a scene of the two of them together bonding over being awesome parents.

What do you hope to see from Glee in 2013?

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