'Glee': Why Vocal Adrenaline's Regionals Performance (Literally) Hurts
'Glee': Why Vocal Adrenaline's Regionals Performance (Literally) Hurts
Zap2it's interview with former So You Think You Can Dance finalist Lauren Gottlieb proves to be an interesting example of how hard Vocal Adrenaline -- the rival of Glee's stars, New Directions -- works. Then again, what else do you expect from the show choir of a school whose statue is that of a great white shark eating a seal pup?

Remember, these VA kids are failed year after year so they can still perform for the club again. And they throw up at the end of each rehearsal. And even Shelby isn't satisfied with their technically perfect performance.

Apparently that throwing up thing did happen to Gottlieb, who appears on Glee as a performer for Vocal Adrenaline. She admits to getting sick on her first day on the show, when the VA kids did "Rehab".

"The dress that they gave me was kind of a size too small, they ran out [of my size]," she said. "I remember [Zachary Woodlee, the show's choreographer] just came up and said the nicest compliment ever to me, and everything started spinning and I started throwing up. It wasn't just once, but a good handful of times. You have to get right back out there and do your thing."

That wasn't the worst that could happen. Their performance for regionals -- you'll see it in next week's Glee season finale -- featured a lot of injuries.

"We shot the final episode of the first season and it was a six-minute long number," Gottlieb said. "During the first run-through we had a broken pinkie and a sprained ankle."

And that wasn't all: her fellow SYTYCD alumni, season 5's Jason Glover, suffered quite a serious injury during a performance. "Later on, [he] tried to do a dive roll, and his hand slipped and he cracked his head," he said. "He had a concussion and he was out the rest of the day. You could see it in his eyes. It was not good."

"Also, someone did a head whip into the steadicam," she added.

Yeowch. I honestly wonder how that performance would look when the finale airs next week. They'll still be dancing to the death, I believe -- only this time "death" is pretty literal. Well, nobody dies, but you know what I mean.

(Image courtesy of FOX)