'Glee': Why Not An All-Britney Spears Episode?
'Glee': Why Not An All-Britney Spears Episode?
After last week's all-Madonna Glee episode that was so successful the mini-album hit the top spot in the charts, what could be next?

What about Britney Spears?

Not a bad idea, says Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy, talking about the Twitter campaign late last week that saw fans petition for an all-Britney episode of the show. In case you missed it, the pop star's manager, Adam Leber, tried to put #BritneySpearsGLEE on top of Twitter's trending topics to float the idea of such an episode. It did trend, although I don't think it was on top. (Who unseats Justin Bieber?)

Now, talking to Entertainment Weekly, Murphy admits that the idea is being considered. "I've always loved her," he said. "I think young kids would like that."

It's an idea that the cast isn't frowning on. Talking to E! Online before Leber's campaign, Jenna Ushkowitz also admitted that she'd like to see a Britney episode. "Britney was my idol when I was growing up," she said. "I have been waiting for a Britney song. I would die."

Murphy is actually considering doing similar tributes to a bunch of other artists: Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, Courtney Love... yes, Courtney Love. "I would love to have the kids do a Courtney Love episode one day," he said, adding that what ultimately matters is that the songs fit the storyline.

I think they all got, err, empowered by the success of last week's Madonna episode. "She said how much she loved the episode," Murphy said of Madonna's reaction. "She thought it was brilliant and she's so pleased ... That introduced her music to an entire new generation."

Just don't overdo the tributes.

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