'Glee': Who Else Should Defect to Shelby's Group?
'Glee': Who Else Should Defect to Shelby's Group?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We're only three episodes into Glee's third season and it's already been a tumultuous journey for New Directions. In the premiere, Sam, Lauren and Quinn all quit while Santana was kicked out and Blaine joined the group. Then Quinn rejoined, and, in this week's episode, Santana came back (thus totally negating the first episode).

The biggest hit, however, came at the end of "Asian F" when Mercedes defected to Shelby Corcoran's rival glee club with Sugar Motta. The existence of two clubs seems hard to manage, especially since we know a glee club needs 12 members to compete, but that means Mercedes will most likely not be the last member of New Directions to jump ship.

Who might leave Will Schuester for greener pastures next? Here are my top three suspects.


Shelby's club needs a male lead vocalist, and Kurt seems ready to make the leap. He's always been good friends with Mercedes and, now that Rachel has thrown her hat into the race for student council president, Kurt might also get fed up with The Rachel Berry Show. I could easily see Kurt (and maybe his boyfriend Blaine) turning against Rachel. Although if Blaine wanted to stay with New Directions, Glee could do its very own West Side Story romance, having the two on opposite teams.


Much like Mercedes, Tina never gets a chance to shine. She's an original member of New Directions but last season she only got two solos all year, and both of them were cut short ("My Funny Valentine" because she had an emotional meltdown and "I Follow Rivers" because she got booed off stage). Tina deserves better and she could definitely follow Mercedes' lead.


Keep your enemies close, as they say, and perhaps that's what Quinn will do. She wants full custody of Beth, so what better way to get inside information than by joining Shelby's group? She could also help with recruiting by bringing along the Skanks, one of whom is played by So You Think You Can Dance all-star Courtney Galiano. Then the two clubs could do a West Side Story-style dance-off between her and Mike Chang.

Who do you think will leave New Directions and join Mercedes on Team Shelby? And more importantly, what should Shelby's group be called? My vote goes for Newer Directions, as a slap in the face to Will and his merry band of misfits.

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