'Glee' Videos: Rachel and Cassandra Perform 'All That Jazz,' Whoopi's Invitation and Finn vs. Sue
'Glee' Videos: Rachel and Cassandra Perform 'All That Jazz,' Whoopi's Invitation and Finn vs. Sue
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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If you've been watching Glee lately and want the show to spend more time with Rachel and Kurt in New York City, then you're in luck. Because if the song list is any indication, then this week's "Swan Song" will be to your satisfaction. And to preview what's about to happen, FOX has released three new clips from Thursday's episode.

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First up, it's Rachel vs. Cassandra yet again. (She must have recovered from her hangover that left Brody in charge of the class.). The two take on the classic Broadway number "All That Jazz" from Chicago. And once more, they take full advantage of this being a dance class with all the students taking part in the choreography.

The Winter Showcase at NYADA is a big deal. Carmen Tibideaux hand picks 10 students to perform each year. As Kurt explains, "She hand writes and hand delivers each invitation. ... Former winners have gone on to win Emmys, Tonys, Golden Globes and even an Oscar." In the second half of this scene, we see Miss Tibideaux, played by the always fabulous Whoopi Goldberg, hand deliver one of those letters -- take one guess who it could be going to:

I'm going to start off by saying the following is a major spoiler on the outcome of last week's Sectionals competition. Back at McKinley High, Finn walks into the choir room, only to see the cheerleaders taking everything down, ripping up posters and even shredding some of them. Sue explains that it's now for her and her Cheerios to use. But why would she do that? Watch the video to find out.

Does Rachel deserve one of those 10 spots at the Winter Showcase? And are you shocked that FOX would reveal the Sectionals outcome when it was technically part of last week's cliffhanger, even though the main cliffhanger was about Marley?

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