'Glee' Videos: Brittany Performs 'Dinosaur,' the Guys Cover One Direction and More
'Glee' Videos: Brittany Performs 'Dinosaur,' the Guys Cover One Direction and More
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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With just a few short weeks away from the end of the school year (and graduation), it's time again for prom. And since Brittany is the senior class president, she's in charge of putting that whole even together. And so in typical Brittany S. Pierce fashion, she goes with the outrageous and chooses a prehistoric theme. How will that turn out? Here are four preview videos released by FOX ahead of tomorrow night's episode, "Prom-asaurus."

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Last week, Rachel choked during her NYADA audition, and the episode ended with her crying in Finn's arms. So how is she holding up now? Still moping or taking an optimistic look on life? Take a look below:

Brittany announces the prom theme to her fellow New Directions members. She also reveals what snacks will be available, as well as who has been put in charge of counting the ballots for prom king and queen. And the comment about banning hair gel? Hilarious.

To coincide with the dino theme, Brittany takes to the dance floor to perform Kesha's "Dinosaur," with her Cheerios girls in tow with dinosaur masks over their heads. (Do you think she should stick to just the dancing or are you fine with her singing abilities?) And stick around to the end of the clip to see Sue mention the ingredients she used to make the punch.

Finally, the guys come together to perform One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

After all the drama last week, are you looking forward to seeing Glee's prom, what should hopefully be a light-hearted affair?

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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