'Glee' Video: Who Does Tina Have a Crush On in 'Sadie Hawkins'?
'Glee' Video: Who Does Tina Have a Crush On in 'Sadie Hawkins'?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Glee returns with new episodes Thursday, January 24 at 9pm on FOX, and it's ladies' choice. The first episode of 2013, "Sadie Hawkins," let's the women of McKinley pick their men for a big dance.

As you might expect, there's some Bram and Jarley action (Sam/Brittany and Jake/Marley), but there's one pair that might be a bit surprising: Blina.

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In this preview video, Jenna Ushkowitz spills the beans on her new storyline, and it's all about Tina having a crush on Blaine and creating this Sadie Hawkins Dance as an excuse to ask him out. That's not exactly who I imagined Blaine rebounding from Kurt with.

But don't fear, Klaine fans, I think we can all safely assume that Tina's little crush won't be going that far, although he seems to be having fun with her at the dance in the video.

I know I wished for Tina to get a storyline (ANY storyline) in the new year, although I have my doubts about her crushing on a gay guy. There's no hope for them and she has to know this, right? Did she learn nothing from Mercedes and Kurt?

How do you feel about Tina trying to get with Blaine? Are you wondering what happened to the potential Mike and Tina reunion they seemed to be considering back in "Glease"? And what other wacky pair do you want to see at the Sadie Hawkins dance? Kitty and Joe? Ryder and Unique? Finn and Emma?

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