'Glee' Video: Watch 'Smooth Criminal' with Cellos
'Glee' Video: Watch 'Smooth Criminal' with Cellos
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
On Tuesday Glee will pay homage to the King of Pop with its big Michael Jackson tribute episode, and here's another full performance for you to enjoy.

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The newest clip features Santana and Sebastian dueling on "Smooth Criminal," but the real stars aren't the singers, they're the cellists. Yes, this version is all cello, and the two musicians at the center of this battle rock out on their instruments like total bad-asses. Enjoy the goodness, because there's always room for cello.

This might seem strange, but for the first time, I actually prefer the instrumentation to the singing. Don't get me wrong, Naya Rivera can do no wrong, but those cellos are so damn awesome that I almost wish there was no singing.

Also,, I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of Grant Gustin as Sebastian. I don't like him as a singer, actor or character. It's not that I hate him because his character is a jerk (which he is), it's that I don't think he's particularly good at being bad. It makes me wonder why everyone wastes their time thinking about this supremely douche Warbler, especially since he goes to a different school and the amount of time New Directions has to interact with him is very small.

Between this, "Wanna Be Starting Something" and the eight other songs on the set list for this episode, I'm not sure how Glee will find time to put much story into "Michael." I don't like to sound like a hater, but I guess I feel a lot of Rachel Berry in this new clip from the episode. Yeah, Michael Jackson's songs are good, but I don't think of him as some type of god who deserves to be worshiped. If that sentiment warrants a scalding cup of coffee in my face, so be it.

Glee's Michael Jackson tribute episode airs Tuesday at 8pm on FOX.

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