'Glee' Video Sneak Peeks: And The Blossoming Of The Puck-Rachel Relationship Begins...
'Glee' Video Sneak Peeks: And The Blossoming Of The Puck-Rachel Relationship Begins...
...and suddenly, we have a square.  Finn is Quinn's but he likes Rachel. Quinn likes Finn but Puck's knocked her up.  Rachel likes Finn but--oh, the humanity.

If you've seen the photos from this week's Glee, you would've noticed that Puck and Rachel are together.  Obviously it means one thing: they're together.  I can only presume it sucks to think the man of your dreams knocked up his girlfriend--not that I know how it feels, for I'm male.  But anyway.

You might've seen a couple more sneak peeks at this week's episode, courtesy of the folks at E! Online.  And it pretty much highlights the blossoming of the Puck-Rachel story, and how complicated these things will get.

First up: Puck singing Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" to Rachel, his "musical Jewish icon".  Uh-oh, I smell discomfort.

Next up: what do you get when Puck is strumming a guitar while Rachel uses a hairbrush as a microphone?  In a bedroom?

Yeah, I know, my face was all going "what the heck?" too.  Of course, it's Rachel being confused and Puck being a bit aggressive, but then again, we somehow saw this coming, right?  And let's admit it, Rachel-Puck comes across more naturally than Rachel-Finn.  That aside, Puck has a pretty good voice.  With a little practice, he could give Daughtry a run for his money... provided they both have Rachels to sing songs to.

Now that's said, we might as well get ready for another heartbreak this week.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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