'Glee' Video Sneak Peek: Why Would Brittany and Santana Be Dating?
'Glee' Video Sneak Peek: Why Would Brittany and Santana Be Dating?
Because Brittany's definition of dating is quite messed up. Or maybe she got confused by what Santana said is not the definition of dating. Oh, but that's not the big story.

Here, again, is another clip from the nice folks at E! Online--yes, a clip from Glee, and yes, a clip from this week's Glee fall finale. Yes, we're already there. Three weeks ago Mercedes found out that Puck is actually the father of Quinn's baby, which couldn't come at a worse moment because, also three weeks ago, Quinn got kicked out by her parents because she is pregnant with Finn's "baby". And, with one baby story all but wrapped up, it's time to focus on another baby story...

...thus, this video. Sectionals is coming, and nothing can't go wrong but the rest of the glee kids are anxious that the revelation of who actually gave Quinn her polyester-uniform-busting baby bump will ruin their chances at the competition. So, in this video, there's a deadly-serious conspiracy to keep Rachel from knowing the truth, and consequently, keep Finn from knowing the truth, at least until sectionals is over.

Thus, we get that line from Brittany, already my favorite Cheerio--as if I have many to choose from. Although when you think of what she says, it's not exactly, uhh, proper to imagine it... here goes the video clip anyway. Again, Glee's fall finale airs this Wednesday from 9pm on Fox. As for me, I'll listen to my copy of the second Glee soundtrack. Thank you, dear Australian friend!

On second thought, if you've been reading around, you probably know that this week is the week that Finn will know the truth. I smell a cliffhanger.

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