'Glee' Video Sneak Peek: Was Quinn Singing to the Triplets, Or To Puck?
'Glee' Video Sneak Peek: Was Quinn Singing to the Triplets, Or To Puck?
Thanksgiving's just around the corner, but no, Glee won't be off the air like almost everybody else. Thank heavens. I don't think we'd be able to cope with yet another interruption in episodes.

Anyway, we've got a couple more sneak peeks from Wednesday night's episode, again courtesy of the folks at E! Online. This episode, by the way, is the one featuring rapper Eve as the head of the glee club for that school for female juvenile delinquents, which happens to be one of the teams New Directions goes up against in sectionals. They also happen to be, possibly, one of the teams to who Sue leaked their set list to. Oh, evil, evil Sue.
And that's where video number one starts: Will giving Grace Hitchens a visit and ending up offering her McKinley High's auditorium as rehearsal space. A scrimmage, as he puts it.

Video number two is for Puck-Quinn lovers out there, or at least those gleeks (like me!) who can't seem to have enough of Dianna Agron. For some reason, these two are looking after Kendra's eternally-rowdy triplets, and for some reason, only they manage to get those three in bed on time. What's the secret? No, not some holding hands, although the two did do something along those lines...

Was she singing to the triplets, or was she singing to Puck? I don't know. But that scene is hella cute. Maybe it's because Quinn is, but oh, that's a thought for another day...

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