'Glee' Video Sneak Peek: Will's Rapping Again--To Emma!
'Glee' Video Sneak Peek: Will's Rapping Again--To Emma!
We've been worrying a lot about the stuff that's happened on Glee the past couple of weeks, and in the two weeks after that.  I think I have an antidote.

First, for folks who aren't taking the news that Glee will be off-air for two weeks due to the World Series, some good news: provided that somebody wins the series in five games or less, we get two back-to-back Glee episodes on November 4.  That means we get to watch last week's episode, "Throwdown" (also known as the one with Sue and Will), and this week's episode, "Mash-up" (also known as the one with Puck and Rachel).

Again, that's back-to-back, from 8pm, only if the World Series wraps up early.  We still won't get a new episode until November 11, and that's the one with Artie.

Now, for folks who still cannot get over the Will-Emma debacle two weeks back (and I know Emma's no-show in last week's episode didn't help), another video sneak peek at this week's episode!  Although I should apologize: it's recorded straight from a TV (it apparently aired on Access Hollywood, ironically an NBC property) and thus the quality is not up to standards.

But heck, I think we'll take any preview at any moment.  It's Will rapping again--to Emma!  In a wedding dress!  A totally inappropriate song!  This is Will doing Sisqo's "Thong Song", and you can glean two things from this: one, that these two are meant for each other, and two, I smell an affair coming, especially when the baby never comes.

Anyway, the video.  Now, for me to gaze into Emma's wide eyes once again...

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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