'Glee' Video: Does the New Promo Spoil Quinn's Fate?
'Glee' Video: Does the New Promo Spoil Quinn's Fate?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
When Glee began its extended Spring Break on February 21, it left fans with one huge cliffhanger. Quinn was texting while driving and got hit by a truck, leaving everyone wondering what will happen.
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In a new promo for the final eight episodes of season 3, that mystery might be accidentally revealed.

Among the many exciting moments in this 30-second promo is a brief shot of New Directions getting an acting lesson from Blaine's big brother, Cooper. At the 23-second mark, you can clearly see Dianna Agron (Quinn) sitting with everyone else. So I guess she survives. Although she is sitting next to Artie on the ground floor, so it's entirely possible she's in a wheelchair as well. Check out this quick screen grab for proof of Quinn in the lower right.

agrongleevid.jpgOther than Quinn's appearance, the promo also has a potential trip to California for Finn and Rachel, graduation gowns for several seniors, a Saturday Night Fever disco number, Samuel Larsen's Joe Hart in the glee club and Sue hinting that her baby daddy is a celebrity. Maybe it really is David Boreanaz like I suggested in my predictions!

There's also some hilariously sexy footage of White Collar's Matt Bomer as Cooper Anderson, a big-time actor who comes back to teach his baby bro and his glee club a few important lessons about acting. In some ways, I'm guessing it will resemble that Saturday Night Live video about how to avoid a sexual harassment lawsuit. Step 1: Be Handsome.

Glee returns Tuesday, April 10 at 8pm for eight straight weeks of new episodes leading to the season 3 finale.

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