'Glee': The Best and Worst of 'Sexy'
'Glee': The Best and Worst of 'Sexy'
I'm a gleek, like all of you, and I'm hoping that Glee is on its way up again.

Last night's episode, "Sexy," was good. You know, the sort of episode that gets the balance right? It's funny and it's also moving -- and neither of the two tried to dominate and beat the other up. Yes, I tune into Glee for the laughs and for the songs, even if it's the intolerable Justin Bieber, but it's nice to see that the hour I spent in front of the television was worth it. Character development, yay!

Or maybe my expectations were just low after the disappointing last two episodes. That's why I'm hoping Glee finds its groove again. I'm not sure if they'll be able to do it in next week's episode -- it's regionals, so it's more about the singing -- but it doesn't hurt to cross your fingers, right? Anyway, here's my best and worst of "Sexy."

Best of the Night, Part One: Santana Lopez


Although I thought Santana's explanation for why she's a bitch came from out of the blue (or I just never thought of connecting her attitude to her deep, deep, deep love for Brittany), I love it. I love that it came naturally. I love that it makes perfect sense. I love that the events of "Duets" -- remember when Santana and Brittany first broke up? -- came full circle this week. Also, the storyline was a wonderful showcase for Naya Rivera.

Best of the Night, Part Two: Brittany Pierce


Brittany didn't break my heart as much as Santana did, but I'm putting her here for the same reason outlined above. What I loved about the aforementioned encounter in "Duets" was the way Brittany explored her emotions, and despite letting Artie down the first time (remember their exchange about him losing his virginity?), she clearly learned her lesson and understood that her feelings for Artie are real. Which, as it turns out, are as real as her feelings for Santana. And she had to make a tough choice. And she did.

So how does that Brittana storyline compare to the other gay (sorry for the label, Santana) storyline on the show, the one about Kurt? I'll say this: Kurt's storyline is still a timely one -- from when he came out to Burt, to Karofsky bullying him -- but it felt like it's dragging on for so long. Or maybe it became too much about Chris Colfer at one point? The Brittana storyline crept from behind, but we never forgot about it; and now seeing it unfold feels so satisfying.

Best of the Night, Part Three: Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holliday


I was a little wary when I first heard Gwyneth was joining the show, but I enjoyed "The Substitute," thinking it was a refreshing take on Glee. The second time around, it still is refreshing. And, again, I love the way her character came into the picture naturally (as opposed to Kristin Chenoweth -- April Rhodes was always shoehorned, don't you think?) making her look more a pivotal part of the plot rather than stunt casting. Also helps that Gwyneth chomps into the role with gusto. Not all of you may be fond of her, but you've got to give her credit for what she's done to the show.

Worst of the Night: Will staying where he is


"Sexy" had a lot of character movement, from Brittana to Puck and Lauren to Emma and Carl, but I'm disappointed that, after all of this, Will Schuester hasn't inched a bit. Holly turned him down already, but he's still coming back for more? At least that's the idea I get from the end of this week's ep. Come on, Schue, cast your net a little wider. It seems he's still looking for a rebound, and after all that's happened to him, he just isn't learning his lesson.

The Bit I'm Still Not Sure About: Whatever Quinn is up to


I never liked the way the writers seem to be undoing a season's worth of development for Quinn. I'm getting the idea that the writers don't know what to do with her -- and frustratingly, they're letting her do things anyway (as opposed to forever-in-the-sidelines Tina and Mercedes). So now she's trying to climb up the pole again by basically seducing Finn for her own good? Not liking it. But right now I'll sit back and see where this goes. And I hope it goes further than a Quinn/Rachel rivalry redux.

That's my best and worst of this week's episode. Did I miss anything, gleeks?

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