'Glee': The Best and Worst of 'Original Song'
'Glee': The Best and Worst of 'Original Song'
"That's why I'm hoping Glee finds its groove again," I wrote last week. "I'm not sure if they'll be able to do it in next week's episode -- it's regionals, so it's more about the singing -- but it doesn't hurt to cross your fingers, right?"

Well,  after "Original Song," we're two for two at the moment. Man, I really hope this is an upswing.

I may not be on board with every plot twist offered to us last night, but I found myself sitting through it and not squirming as they unfolded. Suddenly I'm really looking forward to what will happen next -- and not in a "I'm curious, but whatever" kind of way, but in a "TELL ME TELL ME!" kind of way. And slowly, my expectations for what's left of the season are going up, bit by bit, especially with nationals right around the corner -- it is, after all, uncharted territory for everybody involved.

That said, here's my best and worst of "Original Song."

Best of the Night, Part One: Nobody shoehorned the songwriting


When Rachel floated the idea of writing original songs a few weeks back, I was a little worried that the show wouldn't tackle it in a satisfactory way. And maybe it still hasn't: Getting from "My Headband" to "Get It Right" happened a little too fast for my liking. But I liked the way the whole idea panned out: It didn't feel like, suddenly Rachel can write marvelous ballads! It was bittersweet, even. Songwriting is suddenly a metaphor for personal growth! Well, maybe except for "Trouty Lips."

Best of the Night, Part Two: Actual continuity!


Some of you were worried that the Santana/Brittany developments would be forgotten by this week. Well, thankfully, it hasn't been. "Original Song" tied up some loose ends and uncovered more rope to deal with in a way that felt more organic than spectacular. Now we know Santana's dealing with Brittany shutting her off by denial. We also know that Will and Holly have started going out. And now we know that Rachel has not forgotten about Quinn's misdeeds despite acting like nothing happened in the early part of the season. Glad to know the writers are keeping tabs like us gleeks are.

Worst of the Night: Blaine and Kurt becoming an actual couple


Ever since "Never Been Kissed," I wanted Kurt to have that first kiss that mattered, and he definitely got that when Blaine finally gave him a smooch. But giving that kiss now? Too fast, methinks. Personally I wanted to see Blaine and Kurt flirt a little more -- that was the fun part with the Klaine ship, and I was looking forward to that when the two decided to go the When Harry Met Sally route in "Silly Love Songs." Now they're acting all lovey-dovey. I have nothing against the pair: I knew it would happen sooner or later, but I hoped it was later rather than sooner.

The Bit I'm Still Not Sure About: Whatever Quinn is up to (yes, again)


I was really annoyed at Quinn, mostly because of her internal monologue, which she delivered in a really squeaky voice. Is she that sure she'll get Finn and be prom queen again? I like the way the writers had her rationalize, both to Rachel and to herself, that what's happening is the morally right thing to do. And I'm sure they also want us to turn against Quinn and go for Rachel (because, really, we've not been rooting for Miss Berry for a while), and that will make the inevitable conclusion of Finn and Rachel getting back together a happier ending. Maybe I'm overanalyzing this, but I think this will not end well for anyone.

One, we saw Quinn develop in the first season, largely thanks to the baby drama, so I still don't buy the idea of her going from conflicted Cheerio to someone skankier than Santana. Sure, she's always wanted to be popular, but resorting to such measures to get there? Not her line of work. Also, she knows that she won't be popular in the long term (case in point: the "real estate agent" monologue) so why bother? And finally, the biggest loser in all this is Finn. Two ladies are fighting for him, and all he has to do is watch them settle on a winner. Ugh, Finn, you're doing your mother a disservice! At this rate he's making Will look really holy.

Well, I'll wait for the inevitable prom episode to see how this pans out. And that means waiting for April.

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