'Glee': The Best and Worst of 'Comeback'
'Glee': The Best and Worst of 'Comeback'
Sorry, gleeks, but I'm with Jen on this one: Last night's episode of Glee didn't do it for me. And no, it's not because of the Justin Bieber element. (Even if the idea of girls fawning over anyone who sings the little kid's songs repulses me, I'll have to admit, it's pretty funny.) After the strong showing the last two episodes had, this one felt a bit too over the place. A diva-off? Been there. Sue sabotaging the glee club, but not after another realization involving children? Done that. I'm hoping next week makes up for it -- the teaser, after all, is promising. (Or maybe that's why they called last night's episode "Comeback.")

But no, I'm not saying there's nothing noteworthy about this week's episode. Far from that -- there are still things that deserve a special mention, although I'll have to admit they're mostly the shallow kind, and thus definitely different from what you're thinking. But I'll let you be the judge of that.

Best of the Night, Part One: Brittany, the style icon


The power of street clothes and Rachel Berry being all about herself. Told you it was shallow. (Side note: I like their shout out to this.)

Best of the Night, Part Two: How the underwear scene happened without much fanfare


Before you say I'm being creepy like Blaine, let me clear something up: This scene could've gone along the lines of "OMG, eww, gross, Zizes is imagining me nekkid!" Instead, it just happened from out of the blue -- I forgot about it despite Puck's suggestion that Lauren imagine everyone in their undies, not to mention having read about this scene before -- and I didn't feel queasy. It's funny how Lauren (literally) unleashed herself after that. And the devil's in the details: Sue's "underwear," Will still wearing a vest ...

Worst of the Night: Quinn Fabray


Is it just me, or does Quinn have no backbone? Gone are the days when I thought, "Ahh, she's learned her lesson!" at the beginning of the season. Now she's playing with two guys' hearts and expecting both to return the favor, as if what she did before (read: hot tub) wasn't enough. Now, I should be used to this kind of behavior in the halls of McKinley High, but at least we know Rachel's just being a diva and Santana's just being a bitch. Quinn? I don't have a clue, and it's very frustrating trying to understand her.

WTF Moment of the Night: Puck takes on the Bieber bangs


Artie and Mike risked looking like children, but got away with it. Sam, of course, didn't change one bit. Puck, on the other hand, lost his being a badass, just a little bit -- and despite the ridiculous idea that a Bieber cut will make girls fall for you, as well as how ridiculous it looks on him, it made him look vulnerable. Someone over on the BuddyTV app said that Puck's "cute when he can't get what he wants." Throw in the bangs, and you get someone who you just want to get the girl.

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