'Glee' Super Bowl Sneak Peeks: Cheerios are Fiery 'California Gurls', Plus the Full Songs
'Glee' Super Bowl Sneak Peeks: Cheerios are Fiery 'California Gurls', Plus the Full Songs
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
So you're a Glee executive producer, and you're writing the episode meant to air right after the most masculine television event of the year, the Super Bowl. How do you hope to pull in the male viewers and keep them there for an hour of singing and dancing-filled high school melodrama?

The answer is simple: Cheerleaders in bikinis. And fiery boobs!

It makes perfect sense, really. Just watch this clip of the first minute of the all-new Glee episode airing this Sunday and see for yourself. The Cheerios may be from Ohio, but they channel Katy Perry's "California Gurls" with all the buxom energy in the world.

PLUS: Listen to the rest of the songs from the episode
(we put up the "Thriller/Heads Will Roll" mashup yesterday): "Bills, Bills, Bills," "Need You Now," and "She's Not There."

Sue's bored. What did YOU think?

Now, to the rest of the Super Bowl songs!

"Bills, Bills, Bills":
My favorite Destiny's Child jam gets the fabulous Blaine and Dalton Academy Warblers treatment. Yes!

"She's Not There":
Originally by 1960s British pop band The Zombies, and performed by Cory Monteith. Who's not there, Puck? WHO?

"Need You Now": Lea Michele and Mark Salling take on this Lady Antebellum country pop ballad. Who do you think they need?

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