'Glee' Stunt Casting Continues with Pitbull and Rachel's Dads
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The floodgates have opened on Glee's stunt casting for season, and it looks like they can't be closed. Following this summer's decree from the producers that the show would avoid celebrity stunt casting this season, that trend broke first with the news that Ricky Martin would be playing a new Spanish teacher at McKinley and Gloria Estegan will play Santana's mom.

Now EW is reporting that rapper Pitbull is being courted to play Santana's heretofore unmentioned big brother. The character would appear in the same episode as Estefan, offering up a big Lopez family musical number. The show is also changing its plans as Martin and Estefan will no longer appear in the same episode as originally scheduled.

If that trio of famous musicians isn't enough, EW also reports that, by the end of season 3, viewers will finally meet Rachel Berry's gay dads. While the roles have yet to be cast, I have little doubt that Glee will continue to find big-name celebrity guest stars to fill these minor roles. I'm sure Glee will recast the roles that were briefly seen in a photo in Rachel's locker, but if they stay true to the fact that one is Jewish and the other is black, my votes go to Broadway stars Nathan Lane and Brian Stokes Mitchell.

How do you feel about Glee's rapidly increasing stunt casting? And who would you cast as Rachel's two dads, Hiram and Leroy?

Source: EW
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