'Glee' Spoilers: 5 Things to Know About 'Shooting Star'
'Glee' Spoilers: 5 Things to Know About 'Shooting Star'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Glee returns with the first of its final five episodes of season 4 Thursday night, and "Shooting Star" is a doozy of an episode.

The official synopsis from FOX explains that New Directions prepares for Regionals, but then "an unthinkable event occurs at McKinley High." If you've read various spoilers or possess the ability to read the title of the episode, you can probably guess what that event is, though that's all I'll say about it.

To get you geared up, here are five things to know about what you'll see this week on Glee.

An Asteroid/Comet/Meteor

The theme for this week's episode is "Last Chance," inspired by Brittany's proclamation that an asteroid (or maybe a comet or a meteor) is headed towards Earth. So Will, never one to miss an opportunity, takes her seriously enough to make the lesson all about telling people how you really feel if this is the last week on Earth. That man can make a theme out of anything.

Lots of Tubbington

If you're like me, then you love Brittany's fat cat, Lord Tubbington. Luckily there's plenty of him in this episode, and lots of new information about his life. In fact, inspired by the imminent end of the world, Lord Tubbington even gets a song dedicated to him. This is the kind of weird, absurd stuff I love about Glee.

A Blast from the Past

Without giving too much away, a character who used to be on Glee makes a surprise cameo appearance, and it's one that Glee purists will undoubtedly love.

Ryder's Online Girlfriend

After leaving us on a cliffhanger two episodes ago, Glee finally gets back to the storyline of Ryder and his online girlfriend Katie. And you probably won't be surprised that the name "Manti Te'o" is used in the episode.

No New York

Just like "The Role You Were Born to Play" and "Dynamic Duets" from earlier this season, this episode takes place entirely at McKinley High. That means no New York, no Rachel, no Kurt, no Santana and no Finn. I know this means half of the Glee fandom will proclaim it the worst episode in the history of the universe, but people really need to give the next generation a chance.

So be sure to strap in for a giant rollercoaster of an episode when Glee comes back. Trust me, you should probably dress up as Neck Brace Cheerio to avoid the whiplash.

Glee airs Thursdays at 9pm on FOX.

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