'Glee' Spoiler Roundup: What to Do While You Wait for 'Glee' to Come Back, Part 4
'Glee' Spoiler Roundup: What to Do While You Wait for 'Glee' to Come Back, Part 4
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The new year is shaping up pretty sweetly, at least where Glee news and spoilers are concerned. Read on for the latest from the wacky world of McKinley High.

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1. Read these GLEE SPOILERS (!!!) from Michael Ausiello, who is finally BACK with a new blog and new dirt on upcoming stories. Here we gooooo!

- The original Superbowl episode script did not include Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), but that has been remedied, at least a bit: "Luckily, Ryan Murphy shoehorned the pair into the high-profile episode at the 11th hour -- much to the relief of one Chris Colfer. "It definitely made me a little nervous that they were having a huge episode without my character, to be sure," Colfer confesses. "But they did squeeze us in. We're in it for, like, a minute, but it's a very happy minute."" Well, if anything should get shoehorned into Glee, it should be more Kurt and Blaine. I approve.

- Mackin' flashback alert: "Rumor has it the show's Valentine's episode will feature a flashback to Puck (Mark Saling) and Lauren's (Ashley Fink) infamous seven minutes in heaven. And as he previously raved, it most definitely rocked his world."

- Reassess your Valentine's Day wish, because Finn and Rachel are NOT getting back together: "Um, no. Finn actually has his eye on someone else. I've said too much!" WHO COULD IT BE? Taking guesses in the comments!

- Mercedes is single and LOVIN' IT: Ausiello says she will not get a boyfriend "in the near future. In fact, there's a scene in Valentine's episode where Mercedes gives Rachel a big speech about the advantages of being single. Apparently, while all of her peers were knee-deep in romance drama, Mercedes was focusing on herself." Go Mercedes!

2. Listen to Kristen Chenoweth talk about her return to Glee:

I don't care how April Rhodes returns, just make it happen, Ryan Murphy! As far as I'm concerned, the more Kristen Chenoweth on Glee, the better. Use that shoehorn you keep in your back pocket!

3. Lower your pitchfork, because Charice will FINALLY reappear on Glee: According to this Examiner article, Charice's Sunshine Corazon will pop up in the supersized Superbowl episode, but will be absent once again on the show's Valentine's Day episode, which will apparently be titled "Silly Little Love Songs." She will be singing the Black Eyed Peas' "Meet Me Halfway" in the Superbowl episode.

4. Look forward to the inevitable "F--- You" duet on Saturday Night Live when Gwyneth Paltrow hosts with musical guest Cee-Lo Green. The episode will air January 15.

5. Shake your head at Matthew Morrison, who is now making a public list of the famous women he would like to see guest star on Glee so he can make out with them. So far on the list: Kiera Knightley. (Can she sing? Would she ever do it? Who cares? Not Matt!)

6. Read Heather Morris's interview in Teen Vogue, and watch her get glammed up for her photo shoot below! Love. Her.

That's all for today! Now, it's theory time: Who do you think Finn has his sights set on now? My brain says "Santana" but my devilish heart hopes for "Sunshine" ...

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