'Glee' Spoiler-rama: Lea Michele Tweets. A Lot. (And The Others Do, Too.)
'Glee' Spoiler-rama: Lea Michele Tweets. A Lot. (And The Others Do, Too.)
The Glee cast has started shooting for season 3 and the most important sources have been the cast members themselves.

Glee season 3 begins Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm, but with all of this tweeting going on, fans can get an early idea of what's to come.

Thus, this tweet roundup. Warning: there are definitely spoilers ahead.

Part One: The Many Tweets of Lea Michele

Because, in her words last week, #berryisback:


Guy with the ladder at the back: "#imbacktoo!"

But Mark Salling reports that they lost her anyway:


What the hell, tube?

Anyway, she wouldn't give anything away:


But she did reveal that, in the first episode, she'll have a scene with Kurt in Emma's office. And that Darren Criss will sing. (Rumor has it that it's a Tom Jones song.) And that one of their dance numbers is soooo hard.



And that Cory Monteith ate a peanut butter sandwich during their first kissing scene of the season. (Finchel fans, unite: they are still together!)



And, finally, the return of Idina Menzel. (I did hear the crew is looking for twin girls who will play Beth.)


Part Two: Define "Crazy Day At McKinley High"...

I don't know what Jenna Ushkowitz and Naya Rivera mean by this.



Will the "crazy day" involve this?


"William, your hair is still terrible."

Oh, wait, Harry Shum Jr. gives a clue. It has to be...


...a food fight! The season premiere, which will be called "The Purple Piano Project", will mostly revolve around Blaine's transfer to McKinley. Or so I hear. So I guess the rest of McKinley's gone gaga for him, so much that they'd fight over him. Hah.

Part Three: Say Hello To Your New Gleeks!

And I'm not referring to any of the finalists of The Glee Project. Remember? LaMarcus Tinker will play Mercedes' new boyfriend, while Vanessa Lengies will play new mean girl Sugar. Cue Cory Monteith waving the maple leaf flag:


And since she's new to the gang (and you might not know much about her), well, this:


As for LaMarcus? He's been thanking a lot of people on his Twitter page -- and amidst all the thank yous is an on-set photo. A tiny one, sure.


Mercedes: "Sam who?"

He says we'll meet him on the very first episode, which should mean we'll know more about Mercedes' new boyfriend (I propose the shipper name be "Mercus") early on:


Okay, enough tweets for the moment. I'm expecting more to come over the following weeks -- and we'll try our best to be on top of it. Why not follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more updates?

(Images courtesy of Lea Michele, Mark Salling, Jane Lynch and LaMarcus Tinker's Twitter pages)