'Glee' Sneak Peek: A Couple of Photos from 'Laryngitis'
'Glee' Sneak Peek: A Couple of Photos from 'Laryngitis'
Fox has released just two photos for next week's Glee episode, "Laryngitis", which is better than having none at all, right?

And yes, we're spared by the horrors of hearing Rachel lose her voice and start singing like Miley Cyrus. These set of photos focus on another aspect of the episode: of Kurt changing his persona to impress his dad.

So yes, that explains why the promos had Kurt making out with Brittany, which in itself is a bit disturbing.

Anyway, since we only have two photos, which is one short of a slideshow, it's time to pull out another one of those impromptu caption contests! Supply a caption, and when we like it, you get kudos. Ready, gleeks?

Photo number one: Burt looking for Kurt in McKinley High.


Photo number two: Burt finding Kurt in McKinley High.


Extra challenge: supply the perfect song for these photos, too! Then again, you must've heard that we'll hear "Jesse's Girl" (wasn't this a given?) and "The Boy Is Mine" and a couple of showtunes on this episode... oh, and that mangled Miley Cyrus song.

This episode of Glee airs next Tuesday from 9pm on Fox.

(Images courtesy of Fox)